Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: SypherPK does not want Rail Gun to become meta

The Rail Gun functions like a sniper rifle implying it locks targets and then releases a ray that is capable of damaging through the surfaces.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 10 June 2021 10:53 PM


Chapter 2 Season 7 of the Fortnite game has been launched and there are lots of new additions. There are aliens, futuristic weapons, UFOs and lots of new content in this chapter. Notably, while Chapter 2 Season 6 of the game depicted the pre-historic times, this one has its prime focus on the best technology available in the entirety of the universe.

As far as the weapon highlight of Chapter 2 Season 7 is concerned, it has to be Rail Gun. The Imagined Order, which has been designed to kill aliens, can now even be used for players against an opponent player.

Rail Gun capable of damaging through surfaces

Moreover, the Rail Gun functions like a sniper rifle implying. It locks targets and then releases a ray that is capable of damaging through the surfaces. This also means that one can no longer hide behind a structure and be assured of safety since the opponent might have this weapon.

It does not come as a surprise that pro gamers are using the Rail Gun to absolutely destroy their opponents. And even SypherPK also used it. He is of the opinion that Epic Games should already nerf the newly released futuristic weapon.

Meanwhile, the Rail Gun deals 85 damage through a body, which is shot at Blue rarity with the players having the option of charging it before shooting. There is also the option of overcharging which facilitates the user more time to take aim.

SypherPK outlines the weapon is too difficult to evade

It should further be noted that Rail Gun can pass through two surfaces. This means, that if an opponent is hiding behind a wall as well as a ramp, the weapon can destroy both to catch one off guard.

SypherPK combined the Rail Gun with the Recon Scanner and an Assault Rifle. In addition, with the Recon Scanner, he revealed his opponents he managed to spot his opponents and shot them with Rail Gun.

"Being able to track him like that is perfect, and the health advantage I got from hitting him through the Rail Gun, twice, is also perfect. Like, this thing is just insane," he said.

However, the streamer does not want the Rail Gun to become the meta in Fortnite. He reasoned that the weapon is too overpowered and difficult to evade but wants the community to make the best out of the weapon until the Epic Games fix this issue.


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