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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Release Date, Battle Pass, Leaks and More

The Reality Tree has blossomed on the island and its picturesque effects will grace gamers' experience in the latest update.

Aakash Srivastava Author

Updated - 18 July 2022 5:22 pm

In Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin, the island is one hell of giant party for the gamers. Bounce around in Reality Falls, ride atop creatures, brave the Screwballer coaster and many more features will be amongst the new additions in the season 3. In the course of season, Epic Games has revealed several major updates to keep the game afresh.

Fortnight Chapter 3 Season 3 brought back the summer season to the island to take the gamers into a fun and exciting mode. The v21.30 update will be released in a few days, and the entire gaming community is eager to know what are the new features coming to the island.

Release Date:

According to latest reports, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is going to live soon (Date is not confirm).

New additions in island:

Reality Falls:
Its a lust forest of mushrooms, bouncy mushrooms, and trees of purple. When one is not experiencing its floors, swim beneath its waterfalls, seek loot in its cavern and spring from its geysers. The Reality Tree has blossomed on the island and its picturesque effects will grace gamers’ experience.

Bountiful Harvest:
Reality Seed Pods are spreading across from the Reality Tree. Plant a Reality Seed to grow a Reality Sapling which grows in the same place match to match. Saplings bear its better version every time a gamer weed them, so users must keep weeding a sapling until it bears Mythic loot.

Ballers are back to rolling and gamers can roll around and grapple onto surfaces. In the spirit of celebration, get on the Screwballer for a highly-flying amusement park ride. The Baller’s received some update since its last cycle on the island. It has boosted health, it floats on water and now runs on battery charge. When your Baller’s loses all juice, time is to board a new one.

Wildlife Ride:
Gamers can jump on a wolf or board and enjoy the ride on it. Gamers don’t need to dismount to fight, but shoot and throw weapons while atop your steed.

New Weapons:

Two Shot Shotgun:
The two-shot shotgun is a burst pump shotgun capable of fierce damage. If a gamer lands on both shots of its burst, one can deliver a devasting punch.

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR):
The addition of the DMR will begin a new era for the island, a new type of weapon. This scoped rifle’s range of falls between an Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle.

Hammer Assault Rifle:
The rifle not just fires fast, but if its unique recoil is tamed, user can be a force at many ranges.

The Chapter Season 2 returners:

Apart from weapons like Sidearm Pistol, revolver, auto shotgun, striker pump shotgun, stinger SMG, combat SMG, Ranger Assault Rifle, and others namely Cow Catcher and Repair Tool are back in Season 3.

Tempestuous Condition:

The Storm has become more dangerous that its previous edition and if a user stays in the storm for too long cumulatively in a match, one will develop storm sickness, an ailment that accelerates the decay of your health. However, a user will get a warning before storm sickness and easy solution is to make an immediate exit from the storm.

Battle Pass:

This season saw the arrival of Doctor Strange as the tier 100 skin along with a few members of the Seven. As per leaks, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass could shape out to be a big one. Fortnite leaker SiinaBR stated that Indiana Jones is all set to arrive in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Leakers have also suggested that a Star Wars Sith lord collaboration is also reported to appear in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Uninterrupted Slides:

Sliding’s gotten some improvements. When a user slide off a shallow ledge, he/she will continue sliding instead of returning to a standing position. When one lands into a slide at high speed, his/her momentum will be maintained.


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