Franz Tost gives his opinion on the exciting Verstappen-Perez duo for 2021 F1 season

While Max Verstappen has been associated with Red Bull since 2016, Sergio Perez will make his debut for them in 2021.

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Updated - 06 March 2021 12:44 AM


Alpha Tauri boss Franz Tost has given his assessment on the exciting new Red Bull duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez for the upcoming F1 season. The 65-year-old believes that Perez has the ability to succeed in his debut season with Red Bull. Although, Tost added that Max is going to bend him without any doubt.

Alpha Tauri boss believes Perez has the ability to do well in his debut season

Tost, who is the boss of Red Bull’s sister team- Alpha Tauri, praised Sergio Perez and added that he will collect a lot of points for his new team. However, he opined that Perez will be aware of how fast his new teammate Max is.

He said, “If the car suits him, Perez will certainly ensure good results. He will leave his mark and collect many points, but Verstappen will not break him because he knows how fast he is. Perez knows that Max is going to bend him and that he has no chance.”

Won’t be easy for Perez with Max by his side: Franz Tost

The 65-year-old also claimed that it will be a huge challenge for the Mexican driver to perform on par with one of the fastest drivers in Formula One currently. Tost added that it won’t be easy for Perez, who has joined Red Bull from Racing Point, to adjust to the new car.

“If you go there as a newcomer with very high expectations, you will go under when you find a Max Verstappen by your side there who has four or five years of F1 experience at the time, is one of the fastest drivers on the field, and you find a car that does not behave the way you want it to,” he said.

Notably, Max Verstappen finished the F1 2020 season at 3rd position with 214 points (109 points ahead of his teammate Alex Albon). On the other hand, Sergio Perez had ended the last season at 4th spot with 125 points (50 points ahead of his teammate Lance Stroll).

With two of the most impressive drivers of last season coming together in one of the fastest cars in 2021, it will be really intriguing to see the exciting battle between new duo of Red Bull.


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