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‘Good old days are back’ – Twitterati celebrate Sony as the winner of IPL broadcast for next five years

The IPL Broadcast and Digital rights were sold for INR 57.5 Cr per match and INR 48 Cr per match respectively. 

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 14 June 2022 10:39 am

IPL broadcast

Even after the conclusion of the 2022 season, the Indian Premier League continues to rule the news cycle with the auction of its media rights. The E-auction for the IPL Media Rights tender started yesterday and the first two packages (TV Broadcast & Digital Rights) are sold for INR 57.5 Cr per match and INR 48 Cr per match respectively.

But as the winning entities of these bids are still undisclosed, the netizens have clung to various reports and speculations about Sony India winning the broadcast rights for the next five years. Several people expressed their elation about this possibility as they have been sharing pictures from the early seasons of the IPL when Sony was the broadcaster of the tournament.

People also talked about a possible return of the iconic pre-game show, ‘Extraa Ininngs’ which was an IPL mainstay in the early seasons of the tournament.

So lets us check out how the cricket fans have reacted to the 2022 IPL Media rights auction.


However, the happiness for Twitterati didn’t last for long as later it was confirmed that the winner of Package A is still not confirmed. Further reports also started floating in the evening when popular journalist Shriniwas Rao tweeted that Disney has got the Package A. However, he later deleted the tweeted and admitted that it is still not confirmed. The official announcement is likely to be made on Tuesday.


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