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Picture Credit: Xbox

Halo Infinite is one of the most loved and played games across the globe. It is one of the most combative multiplayer scenes with the ongoing Halo Championship Series. However, like all other games, cheaters and hackers have started spoiling Halo Infinite as well. In the latest update, some pros of the game have called out on hackers enjoying free hands in the game and also expressed displeasure on 343's lack of action against them.

These cheating incidents are becoming regular in Halo Infinite's multiplayer modes. Despite being free of cost, hackers are using cheat codes to get an advantage. As the title is available on Windows and both current and next-generation consoles of Xbox it has a huge player base, particularly in the multiplayer scene. Also, there is very little to lose, it is easy for these hackers to go unnoticed. Nevertheless, cheaters do get caught, and even if they're not out in the open, fellow users can always find out who has been cheating.

Recently, a player operating with the name of Iden in Halo Infinite was called out by fellow players for cheating. Several players have previously caught Iden, but the accusations have taken more weight. Team Optic's Lucid and Formal have now gone on record from their own Twitter handles to state how gamers are doing half the job by pointing out cheaters like Iden.

343 yet to take action 

Despite being called out in public by two pros of the game, an action against this account is yet to be taken. 343 Industries look quite relaxed about such issues which are really frustrating for other players and also results in cheaters thriving in Halo Infinite. Also, the title provides little assistance to those who want to report such in-game incidents which are really surprising to see. There are several other games now that have the hassle-free option of reporting fellow players if their behaviour is suspicious and there is Halo Infinite multiplayer mode.

The makers are yet to take strict action against such frauds despite multiple call-outs in public. The gaming community will hope for at least a ban to start the processing.