Picture Credit: IPL

Kuldeep Yadav has upped his game this season. He is winning games for his new franchise Delhi Capitals with his performances in IPL 2022. The left-arm unorthodox has already claimed 17 wickets in eight games this season and is looking like a much more confident bowler as compared to previous seasons.

Along with upping his game on the field, Kuldeep Yadav has improved his social media game too. The Indian cricketer does not shy away from replying to trolls and has become a savage now. The same happened when a user tried to troll him for his birthday post for Rohit Sharma.

"Happy birthday Rohit Bhai. Appreciate your support always. Cheers to all the fun we have had together & all the wonderful memories to come. Enjoy your day," wrote Kuldeep on Twitter wishing the Indian captain on his birthday. On the same post, a user operating under the name Tapas Kumar Panigrahi tried to troll Kuldeep.

"Rohit ko bhai, KL Rahul ko Skip, aur Pant ko calm like Dhoni! okay hang on. This man is in the intoxication of present success. I hope he comes to sense soon," commented the user on Kuldeep Yadav's post. To this, Yadav left a befitting reply as he wrote "Har jagah mat huga karo bhai (Don's shit anywhere bro)".

User deletes tweet!

After Yadav left a savage reply to this comment, the user felt the need to remove the tweet and he did. However, it took him too long to correct his mistake and many people already noticed.

Now coming to Kuldeep Yadav's performance this season, the left-arm leggie has bagged all the four Player of the Match awards for the Delhi Capitals in eight games. Yadav is responding to his captain's call and breaking partnerships like he used to do a couple of years ago.