Here is how the new Terraforming feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons works

Developers Nintendo have added a new feature called Terraforming which has increased the flexibility players have when building their islands.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 05 May 2021 09:42 PM


After being released in March 2020, it took no time for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to emerge as the best-selling game in several regions worldwide. However, a year after its release many experts have had a few issues with the game with several not happy with the lack of engaging content. Based on the popular feedback from the gaming community, developers Nintendo have added a new feature called Terraforming. The feature increased the flexibility players have when building their islands. It can be unlocked when K.K, Slider pay a visit to their island.

The new feature: What's it about?

Notably, Terraforming revolves around path construction, waterscape and cliff construction. All the mentioned activities require permits that cost Nook Miles. Now the new feature allows a wide range of paths that one can choose to travel across one's island. There are options like Grass, Sand, Dark, Dirt among others. It is recommended that a gamer tries to have a uniform path throughout the island. Moreover, one can even round these paths at the entrances of houses and other buildings. This will make the island achieve an organised and clean look.

Now along with a primary path, a gamer can also include a secondary path which can lead to unique locations. So, for instance, a dirt design would indicate that the path leads to a rural area. The designs are also great to represent other things like flowerbeds, platforms and stages.

Using waterscape and cliff-construction together

The other significant feature in Terraforming is waterscape. This allows one to create water bodies and even amend the area around them. That will allow a gamer to create water bodies in say, heart shapes, circles etc. Moreover, one can also build bridges and stepping stones with this option. Even a waterfall can be made by using both waterscape and cliff construction together.


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