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How can India qualify for semi-final of T20 World Cup 2021?

India can reach a maximum of 6 points and definitely one of New Zealand or Afghanistan will also reach that 6-point mark

Sudharshan Sridharan Author

Updated - 6 November 2021 12:45 am

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After two back-to-back defeats against Pakistan and New Zealand, India have had a sigh of relief after defeating Afghanistan in a very convincing manner; by 66-run margin. Now the big question among the Indian fans is— Can India still become the second team from Group 2 to qualify for the semi-final? What should be the result of other teams if India manage to win the remaining two games so that they can qualify for the next stage. Let us have a look at those scenarios to arrive at the conclusion on whether India can qualify for the semi-finals or not.

Remaining games for India in Group 2 of T20 WC 2021:

vs Scotland on 5th Nov
vs Namibia on 8th Nov

Net run rate of India : 0.073
Net run rate of New Zealand : 0.816
Net run rate of Afghanistan : 1.481

India can maximum reach 6 points and definitely one of New Zealand or Afghanistan will reach that 6-point mark given their remaining schedule. New Zealand must lose one of their remaining games to either Namibia or Afghanistan. If New Zealand win both of their remaining games then India will be disqualified automatically.

Remaining important schedule for India in Group 2 of T20WC 2021:

New Zealand vs Namibia on 5th Nov
New Zealand vs Afghanistan on 7th Nov


– If Namibia manage to defeat New Zealand, then on 7th of November New Zealand defeating Afghanistan will make situation better for India as India surpassing the New Zealand’s net run rate will be easier than going past Afghanistan’s.

– If India manage to defeat their remaining opponents by 40-run margin then their NRR goes close to 0.87 (Assuming India score 170 & opponent team scores 130 runs) which will help them surpass New Zealand’s net run-rate easily provided if the Kiwis defeat Afghanistan by a very small margin. If India manage to chase both games inside 15.5 overs then their NRR will be 0.837 approximately, assuming India chase a total of 150 runs. New Zealand defeating Afghanistan by a very very small margin will be helpful for India to overcome their NRR.

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– If New Zealand defeat Namibia then on 7th of November, Afghanistan must defeat New Zealand for India to have a chance to enter semi-final. For India to have better chance they must hope Afghanistan defeat New Zealand by a very very small margin of either 1 run or chase the target on last ball of the match.

Even in a very close margin of win Afghanistan’s net-run rate ends up at 1.172. This one will be likely applicable if Afghanistan manage to win by 9 or lesser runs. For India from 0.073 to surpass Afghan’s NRR they should win their remaining games by a 60+ run margin which will ensure they have a net run rate of close to 1.3, assuming India bat first and put 180 on board and if India chase then they should ensure to get their chase done inside 13 overs as in that case their NRR will be 1.33 approximately, assuming India chase 150 in both games.

Note:- New Zealand vs Afghanistan game will be played a day prior to India vs Namibia game so the scenario will become even much clear for India on what margin they should beat Namibia.


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