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Humorously Cricket: A letter to Chiku a.k.a. Virat Kohli

It has been reported that Virat Kohli is likely to skip the ODI series against South Africa.

Swati Bhatia Editor

Updated - 14 December 2021 6:24 pm

Virat Kohli

Dear Virat Kohli,

I am writing you this letter as I couldn’t reach you by phone, probably because I don’t have your phone number. Heard on Twitter that you are taking a break during South Africa ODIs. Since I have read it on Twitter and expecting clarification from BCCI is not possible in this life, I am assuming it is true. To be honest, this has made me a bit disappointed. I know it doesn’t feel good when you get sacked from leadership but trust me it will get better.

Imagine, no ridiculous questions from press, not to worry about how your hair looks as the camera will not be on you. All your ‘Ben Stokes’ will get unnoticed, and you will not get judged by the Twitter jury. All the criticism for taking the wrong DRS will now fall to someone else.

So, there are perks. I will be honest with you, I will not miss Virat Kohli – the captain, but I am madly missing Virat Kohli – The batsman. The mouth-watering cover drives, the “jhakkas” century celebrations, I miss them. So, what I want is for you to make a beast comeback in ODIs. Score that dreaded 71st century and let’s move on. Let’s get back to the Virat of 2016.

Yours Truly,
A not-a-troll fan



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