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The third and final Test between India and South Africa had a lot of drama when a DRS call went against India. Kohli and Co. looked utterly disappointed by the verdict given by the third umpire and went on to criticize the broadcasters for the same. Meanwhile, Dean Elgar, who was at the other end, enjoyed the reactions in the Indian camp. The host captain said that he was extremely happy that it happened that way.

On the third day, Dean Elgar missed a ball while trying to defend it off Ashwin's bowling and it hit him below the knee roll of the pads. The Indians, who were fighting hard for a wicket went into a celebratory appeal and convinced the on-filed umpire, Marais Erasmus, about the same. However, Elgar took a chance and sent the decision upstairs. Everything looked normal and the ball seemed to clip the top of the stumps. But the Hawkeye had something else to show and what it showed was unbelievable for everyone. The ball somehow was shown missing the stumps and the decision was overturned.

Elgar Loved it!

Virat Kohli and Co. looked at the big screen in disbelief and could not stop themselves from blaming the broadcasters for playing against them. Everyone from Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, R Ashwin has something to say. But Elgar, who was at the other end, looked at it as an opportunity to score some runs as India went on the offence and he successfully did it with van der Dussen. In the end, it was a victory for South Africa as they successfully chased down 212 in 63.3 overs to seal the series 2-1.

Dean Elgar when asked about what he felt at that moment, said he "loved it" as India lost the plot and played it in their hands. "It was maybe a team under a bit of pressure and things weren't going their way, which they are quite used to of late [getting things to go their way]," he said. "It was a bit of Test match cricket pressure which gave us a little bit of a window period to score freer and chip away at the target. It played nicely into our hands that for a period of time, they forgot about the game and they were channelling a bit more of the emotional side of what Test cricket has to offer. I am extremely happy it happened that way," explained Elgar.