Picture Credit: IPL/Twitter

Ravichandran Ashwin has a great cricketing mind, and he has shown it many times. He is a great thinker, and he instils his brain while plotting a batsman's dismissal. Also, Ashwin is known for his out-of-the-box but within-the-rulebook actions. It seems he has memorized all the rules of cricket. His actions are unpredictable and controversial, but they are never illegal.

And now fans know him as the guy who breaks stereotypes in cricket. Mankading Jos Buttler was the first thing Ashwin did which sparked a lot of debate all around the globe. While many reckoned it was against the 'spirit of the game', Ashwin had only answer that it was not illegal. He has once again sparked a debate with his action during his team's game against Lucknow Super Giants in IPL 2022.

Being sent to bat ahead of Riyan Parag in the match, Ashwin suddenly walked out of the field. Many were left surprised as he was not dismissed by any bowler. Later it was confirmed that he had retired himself out to allow Riyan Parag to take the final 2 overs. This was the first-ever retire out in the history of IPL. Many were curious to know if it was possible and yes then why did not anyone else do it before?

Ashwin may not have an answer to this question, but he has ensured people that such things will be more common in the coming future. He also said that the cricketing community has yet to crack T20 cricket fully. He also drew a comparison between cricket and football and reminded people how retiring out is no different from substitution.

"These things happen constantly in football, and we haven't cracked T20 cricket fully yet. This is a millennial sport. This is the next generation's sport.

"T20, as a sport, is heading towards where football has reached. Just like how they're using substitutions, I did something similar [retiring out]. Already we're late, but I believe this will happen a lot in the coming days. I don't think it will be a stigma like running someone out at the non-striker's end."