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I have been cropped out of his life: Nasser Hussain and Kevin Pietersen pokes fun at Ravi Shastri, former India coach reacts

Ravi Shastri and Nasser Hussain were amidst a verbal argument 11 years ago.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 4 July 2022 11:28 am

Ravi Shastri

In a hilarious moment during the fifth Test, former India head coach Ravi Shastri was called out by former England captain Nasser Hussain who was cropped out of a photo of their commentary panel that was posted on Shastri’s Twitter account. The tweet was from Saturday when all the players and commentators wore light blue to honour the late English pacer, Bob Willis. 

When Hussain found out that he was left out of the picture, he humorously reacted that he had been “cropped out of Ravi Shastri’s life”. You put your arm around me yesterday and said we are getting on well and that we’ve put everything behind us, obviously not,” Hussain went on to say. 

“He has tagged everyone here apart from me,” joked Hussain. But later it was revealed that the real culprit behind this uproarious prank was former English batter Kevin Pietersen. Later as the camera cut to KP, he was seen celebrating as his plan was successful. 

Shastri – Hussain Spat from 2011

Addressing the relationship between Ravi Shastri and Nasser Hussain, the duo were amidst a verbal argument 11 years ago. The incident took place during the Trent Bridge Test match in 2011 where both commentators had varied thoughts on the use of DRS in the tour. 

“Ravi Shastri, I just want to pick you up on something you said on a show yesterday, questioning my right to call non-use of DRS a disgrace. Well, I have earned that right after 96 Test matches to voice my opinion on the game of cricket. It is my job and my right to voice my opinion. And I have been paid by Star to do so,” the former England captain said. 

“You also said that there was a jealousy factor about India going to be No.1. No one is more proud than me about India at the top,” Hussain added. “I have nothing against India. All I said is that had there been reviews for LBWs, Harbhajan would not have been out. It was a howler. And if the technology is there to assist, why not take advantage of it. Who knows Harbhajan would have done what Stuart Broad did with the bat for England,” Hussain added. 


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