I want my cartoons back, Mr. Lionel Messi - Ghanaian girl pens down an emotional letter following player's departure from FC Barcelona

A letter written by a young Ghanaian girl named Nhyira Asiedu is doing the rounds on social media.

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Updated - 11 August 2021 11:21 PM

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Lionel Messi's sensational move to PSG has unfolded dramatically in a matter of few days, leaving the world of football in shock. The 34-year-old has officially joined the new club and the whole city of Paris is in a festive mode. While the PSG supporters and other football fans are celebrating one of the biggest transfers in history of club football, there is a completely contrasting mood among Barcelona fans across the globe.

There is no doubt that a lot of Barcelona fans started supporting the club because of Lionel Messi. The Argentine magician spent 17 spectacular seasons in Spain, leading his club to numerous trophies and titles. It has now been revealed that the impact of Messi's move to PSG is quite far-fetched as a young girl in Ghana is not been able to watch cartoons because of the player's transfer.

How did Messi's move to PSG deprived young girl of cartoons?

A letter written by a young Ghanaian girl named Nhyira Asiedu is doing the rounds on social media. It is quite a touching letter where the kid expresses her sadness on Messi's departure from Barcelona because this would mean that her father won't pay for TV recharge, depriving her of watching cartoons.

The letter said, "Dear Lionel Messi, my daddy has been sad for some days now. I asked him and he said you have left Barcelona. I see him pay DSTV to watch you play. He is saying he won't pay again because you have left. I can't watch cartoons again because he won't pay. Why did you leave? Please don't go so I can watch my cartoons. I want my cartoons back, Mr. Lionel Messi. Thank you."

Barcelona struggling post Messi's departure

The Spanish giants are also reportedly facing the after-effects of Lionel Messi's departure. While there has been a decrease in shirt sales by 80%, Barcelona are notably struggling to sell all the 30,000 tickets for their season opener against Real Sociedad this week at Camp Nou. With so much already happening since Messi's move to PSG, it is going to be quite a few tough months ahead for Barcelona and their fans over the world.


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