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I would like Barcelona to do things differently: Dani Alves expresses disappointment after second departure from Camp Nou

Alves has been a Barca player for nine years in his two stints with the club.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 12 July 2022 6:54 pm

Dani Alves

Brazilian Dani Alves has expressed disappointment with FC Barcelona on how they handled his recent exit during his second stint in Catalonia. He said that he had made it clear that he wasn’t a 20-year-old anymore and wanted things to be done head-on but the club “sinned” in recent times.

Alves said: “Barcelona don’t care about the people who made history for the club. As a culê [Barcelona supporter], I would like Barcelona to do things differently. I’m not talking about myself because my situation was another scenario. I am eternally grateful to Xavi and the president for bringing me back.”

I’m supporting for Barcelona to come back to the top: Alves

He then addressed how will he continue supporting the Blaugrana and hopes that the club comes back to the top. Alves added, “I found a club full of young people with incredible ideas on the pitch”, he said “But it needs to improve the work outside the field. The mindset is totally opposite to what we built a few years ago.” 

“Everything that happens on the field is a reflection of what happens outside. I’m supporting for Barcelona to come back to the top, but it’s super-complicated. Football is more balanced, it’s a collective game. And that has been left out at the club,” he added. 

Age has its pros and cons: Alves

Dani Alves then also opened up about being an older player which according to him brings in maturity and experience. He addressed how he doesn’t get nervous against big-name players something that use to happen in his younger days. He said,  “I know that everyone is talking about my age, that I am old, that 20 years ago everyone wanted me and today not. But I completely disagree because I have an experience today that I didn’t have 20 years ago.”

“When there’s a big game, 20-year-olds get nervous and worried, but I don’t. Age has its pros and cons. There are many things you do when you’re 20, but you don’t do it when you’re older. Maturity comes from just living. I also have the experience of having lived almost everything in the sport”.


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