Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts is finally out and fans just cannot keep calm! The movie ruled the hearts of everyone over the years and the sight of watching the favourite movie characters in a reunion was one to behold.

Nostalgia has hit quite hard for everyone and with everyone going gaga over the iconic franchise once again, we tried to assess the characteristics of some of the major protagonists from the movie and tried to link them with traits of the Indian cricketers (former and current). As it turned out, there were a few really exciting similarities which were observed between them.

So if Indian cricketers were actually the characters from Harry Potter, they would be as follows:

Severus Snape - Ravi Shastri

Two of the most unique personalities because of their uncanny style and aggressive approach. Both Snape and Shastri were not really loved by everyone but as it turned out, they left as heroes because of their services to Hogwarts and India's Test side, respectively. Another funny resemblance between the two was that they had to wait for quite some time to get their desired jobs i.e. Professor for Defense against Dark Arts and Coach of the national cricket team.

Fred and George - Pandya Brothers

The Pandya brothers, Hardik and Krunal, certainly have a resemblance with the Weasley brothers, Fred and George. Mischievous, fun and extremely talented - the qualities that the two duos share with each other. No matter if its a game of quidditch or cricket, the Weasleys and Pandyas are true team players who are always ready to contribute in all departments. And funnily, the special ability to get themselves into trouble is another common thing between all of them.

Neville Longbottom - Mohammed Siraj

Two emotional and sensitive people who were trolled in their earlier days! Not many believed in them and their potential but as it turned out, both Neville and Siraj worked incredibly hard on their skills and abilities to absolutely turn around the impression that people had of them. While one became an expert in Herbology, the other became a lethal pacer for his side. Neville and Siraj played a very crucial role in their team's famous wins at the second wizarding war and Gabba Test, respectively.

Ron Weasley - Yuzvendra Chahal

Not many would have imagined but the two turned out to be incredible players of chess, apart from excelling in cricket and quidditch respectively. Apart from their unique hairstyles, it must be noted that both Ron and Chahal are naturally humorous and never fail to make everyone laugh whenever they get an opportunity. Although they had to wait for their chances to shine in their own sport, one turned out to be a solid keeper and the other turned out to be a magical leg-spinner.

Harry Potter - MS Dhoni

Just like how Lord Voldemort wiped out so many wizards and witches, many Indian players got out of the side after their crushing defeat during the 2007 ODI World Cup. However, there was the boy who survived and lived - MS Dhoni. And just like Harry Potter, the wicketkeeper-batsman formed his own army to take revenge against Sri Lanka, eventually lifting the 2011 ODI World Cup title. Immense courage and self-belief are the key qualities that both protagonists share with each other.

Dobby - Suresh Raina

If MS Dhoni is Harry, Suresh Raina has to be Dobby without any doubt! The relationship between the two is solely based on loyalty and respect! Just like how Dobby played such a crucial and under-rated role in their fight against Voldemort, Raina's crucial cameos down the order were critical in India's 2011 World Cup-winning campaign. While the elf sacrificed his life for Harry, Raina showed his loyalty by announcing international retirement on the same day when MSD did it.

Sirius Black - Sachin Tendulkar

While Sirius Black was the Godfather of Harry Potter, Sachin Tendulkar had a similar stature in MS Dhoni's life. The two youngsters really adored their seniors who in return were always in awe of the talent and abilities of kids. A special resemblance between the two was with respect to their incredible patience. While Black waited in Azkaban for years before getting his moment of redemption, Sachin waited for years before finally lifting the World Cup trophy.

Hermione Granger - Smriti Mandhana

Extremely sincere and incredibly talented - these two traits make Smriti Mandhana and Hermione Granger two of the most loved characters in real and reel respectively. The two usually prefers to stay inside their own bubble and despite being not too social, the duo is dearly loved by everyone! While one is a master of spells and the heart of Hogwarts, the other is a master of cover drives and soul of the Indian women's team.