If Indian Cricketers were Footballers, who would they be?

Let us have a look at a list of five of those players, based on similarities in a few key aspects of their personality.

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Updated - 07 May 2021 04:51 PM

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Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most followed sports in India. However, football is another sport that is quite popular in the country because of various superstars across the globe. The fans have witnessed a great comradery between Indian cricketers and footballers, especially with Harry Kane and Virat Kohli sharing some amazing moments. But have you ever imagined, what if Indian cricketers were footballers? Who would they resemble the most with respect to their style of play, attitude and other attributes? Let us have a look at a few of them:

1. Hardik Pandya - Sergio Ramos

Love for tattoos and a rare mix of fun and anger - Hardik and Ramos have very uncharacteristic resemblance in terms of their personality and attitude. While they are quite fun characters off the field, they have a tendency to lose their cool on the field at times. But, one just cannot question their dedication towards the game. While they have had some injury issues in recent times, there is no doubt that they are ultimate match-winners when they are on song, especially with their all-round abilities.

2. Rishabh Pant - Erling Haaland

Unorthodox but effective - Pant and Haaland are two youngsters who have finally unleashed their potential on the biggest stage. They have their own style of playing and are touted to become the next big thing in their respective sport. Interestingly, both the players have a very unique style of giving press conferences and are absolutely loved by fans for their innocent honesty.

3. KL Rahul - James Milner

Two of the most selfless players in their respective games who can play at any position as required by the team. Both Rahul and Milner might be very silent characters on the field, but their contribution to the team's cause is immense and the fans know it. Their leadership skills are also quite an under-rated aspect of their all-round game.

4. Rohit Sharma - Lionel Messi

Two of the most gifted players of this generation, who have broken a list of records in their respective sports. While both the players are still looking to lift the ultimate glory for their country, they have achieved tremendous success with their club/franchise in their career. Both Rohit and Messi like to stay away from controversies and only believe in producing magic on the field with their actions.

5. Virat Kohli - Cristiano Ronaldo

Gym freaks and epitome of fitness - Both these legends are undoubtedly two of the most hardworking athletes in the world. They are also known for their aggressive attitude on the field which is a result of sheer passion and heart they put in while playing for their club/country. Brands absolutely love them because of the huge fan following they have on social media.

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