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Igor Stimac demands authorities to stop adjusting football games according to IPL

Under Stimac, the Blue Tigers have qualified for two consecutive AFC Asia Cups in three years.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Published on - 19 June 2022 6:32 pm

Indian football coach Igor Stimac has recently expressed his thoughts about the scheduling of the football calendar for the Blue Tigers. While speaking to the Indian Express, Stimac addressed that the authorities should not schedule the football matches by adjusting them in accordance with the Indian Premier League.  

He then addressed how cricket shouldn’t be afraid of football being more popular and should help another sport grow in the country. Stimac said, “Things need to be sorted out about the football calendar, which is still being adjusted with regards to IPL and broadcasting…”

“This needs to stop if we want to make football great in India. Football calendar should not depend on other things. India is blessed to have a sport as popular as cricket but shouldn’t be afraid to have another sport becoming as popular. And to do so, they need to open the door to football. Otherwise, it will not happen. Football shouldn’t suffer because of cricket,” Stimac says.

The football calendar is different from the normal calendar: Stimac

Igor Stimac then opened up about the problems the board is dealing with in his three-year spell after arriving in India. He spoke about how there isn’t any sort of interaction between the authorities and the playing squad. He said, “Throughout the last three years, we were not in a position to talk too much. It was better for us to concentrate on work.”

“It is important to understand that the football calendar is different from the normal calendar. Coaches are employed prior to pre-season; their employment happens in June, latest July. So things need to be done earlier than he thinks,” he continued. 

ISL will not make India fall in love with Indian football: Stimac

The Croatian football manager expressed his commitment to the Indian team and AIFF. He spoke about how the team has grown under his tutelage and will continue this development if he is given the opportunity. Stimac then also talked about the importance of the national team for the growth of the sport in India. 

“I am very committed to AIFF. We finished three years of work, qualified for the Asian Cup and I would love to take this team and prove to everyone that India can do better. ISL will not make India fall in love with Indian football. Only the national team will do that,” he said.


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