Picture Credit: Twitter

American MMA star Mickey Gall in a recent interview has claimed that he could beat Bruce Lee in a fight. His statement does not seem to have gone down too well with fans and pundits alike.

Gall made the revelation in a podcast and the clip of it has surfaced on social media. In this particular segment of the interaction, the 30-year-old could be seen explaining how he could hand the legendary Lee a defeat.

"First, I’m going to get Bruce Lee out. I’m going to hurt Bruce Lee. When he grows up. Come on man. Friend, yes, exactly – 100 per cent. I’m fighting in the UFC now. Where did Bruce Lee fight? In the movies (make a noise with his mouth). Come on," he said on the MGGM Podcast.

Moments after this conversation emerged online, there were fans quick to remind Gall that legendary Hong Kong and American martial artist has died a long time ago. Some even thought it was a disrespect to the veteran deceased.

However, in his defense, Gall has said that even Lee would agree with what he was saying.

The New Jersey native was stunned by Mike Malott on his UFC debut recently as Malott secured a win through a Technical Knock Out (TKO). The result has further given an opportunity to users to take a dig at Gall who had made the big claim.

"Bruce Lee karma Destroys Mickey Gall via Mike Malott at UFC 273," wrote one Twitter user attaching a video.

The other seemed to suggest that Malott could even have a chance against Lee but definitely not Gall in the manner in which he lost. "Mike Malott would have got Bruce Lee out of there even quicker than he did Gall," wrote the other user.