Indian Football League - Mumbai City vs ATK Mohun Bagan

The D-Day is here! Who will win go down as winner of ISL 2020-21? Will Mumbai City end the season on perfect lines or will ATK Mohun Bagan get the last laugh with main silverware in cabinet.

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Updated - 14 March 2021 05:38 PM

ISL Final Highlights

So, that's all for the ISL coverage this season. The dramatic season comes to an end with dominance from Mumbai City in league stages as well as the knockouts. Thank you for tuning in to SportsTiger, and now  your host Harshil Pandit will take the leave. Good Night, take care, and do check out our app for sports insights from all over the world.

It is the first time Habas has lost a final. This was also the first time that ATK Mohun Bagan lost a game where David Williams scored. Moreover, this was also the first final won by Sergio Lobera. The Islanders will be one to watch out for in the Champions League hopefully.

The magical night at Fatorda Stadium has seen many records get broken in season Finale of Mumbai City vs ATK Mohun Bagan. While the Mariners got in lead with David Williams, the Islanders came back in the game before half time with Own Goal from Tiri. The second-half saw both sides trying to proceed with caution before last minute of the regulation time where Ogbeche rounded off Mohun Bagan goalkeeper and then squared it for Bipin Singh to bury it home. Mumbai City FC have completed the MIGHT DOUBLE!!!

FULL-TIME: Referee blows his whistle and the Islanders are going home with their first trophy. It is Mumbai City 2, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[90'] GOOAALLL!!! BIPIN HAS WON IT FOR MUMBAI CITY!!! What have the Mariners done here!! This is shocking. Mumbai City get forward with a lofted through ball intended to find Ogbeche. The Nigerian is sprinting towards it but Arindam leaves his box and tries to take it on chest. Ogbeche, however, clinches the opportunity and wins the ball from the Indian goalkeeper. Following the win from tackle, he takes a heavy first touch, but spots Bipin Singh rushing inside the box. The Nigerian lays off the ball to the Indian winger, and Bipin Singh buries it at once. Assist - Bartholomew Ogbeche. Mumbai City 2, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[85'] YELLOW CARD for Tiri. ATK Mohun Bagan centre-half sees yellow for bringing down Ogbeche.

[85'] ANOTHER SUBSTITUTION, it is ATK Mohun Bagan this time. Lenny OFF, Rane ON.

[84'] SUBSTITUTION for Mumbai City. Boumous OFF, Goddard ON.

[80'] Both the sides are trying to get that winning goal, but lacking that much-needed execution. Will Mumbai City vs ATK Mohun Bagan conclude in regulation time, or will the score get followed into extra time?!

[74'] Match is getting intense gradually as ATK Mohun Bagan create back to back chances. They manage to win even a CORNER, but squander the opportunity as Mumbai City defence easily clears off the threat. Drinks break to follow.

[71'] SUBSTITUTION for Mumbai City. Le Fondre OFF, Ogbeche ON.

[62'] OFFSIDE spoils Mariner's party! ATK Mohun Bagan once again manage to get in front as the set piece ends with a Mumbai City clearance landing in their own net. The Mariners began celebrations, but assistant referee raises the flag, indicating that Roy Krishna blocked Amrinder's vision.

[60'] YELLOW CARD for Vignesh Dakshinamurthy. Mumbai centre-back is cautioned for a rough tackle.

[58'] BOUMOUS MISSES GOLDEN CHANCE!! Mumbai City break out once again with Boumous slicing final through ball for Le Fondre. Striker shoots with power, however, Arindam gets down in time to parry it. However, ball falls kindly to feet of Boumous at penalty spot. The Spaniard could not have had it easier as the goalkeeper is down and open net is right in the front. But, the Frenchman somehow manages to blast it over. This might come back to haunt Islanders.

[55'] ANOTHER YELLOW! This time it's Pritam Kotal. ATK Mohun Bagan full-back goes in book after bringing down Bipin Singh to break Mumbai City counter attack.

[49'] YELLOW CARD for Carl McHugh. ATK Mohun Bagan midfielder sees yellow for puling back Boumous.

SUBSTITUTION for Mumbai City. Rakip will start for Islanders in place Ranawde.

SECOND-HALF: ATK Mohun Bagan will kick off the second half. They are in traditional Green and Maroon attire, playing from left to right.

HALF-TIME: Referee blows his whistle as a tragic half comes to an end. Both the teams will walk down the tunnel on level terms at Fatorda Stadium. It is Mumbai City 1, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[45+6'] The cameras get us on Amey Ranawde for a moment and the Indian full-back is back on feet, but struggling to move as he has a head injury. It is probably a serious case of concussion. Hopefully he recovers soon and comes back on field with 100% fitness. Kudos to both the camps for maintaining the patience and assisting the staff with procedures. Ambulance has left the ground for further treatment in hospital.

[45+2'] Unfortunate scenes at Fatorda Stadium, Amey Ranawde is down on the field and all the players from both the camps are looking depressed, some with their heads in hand. The Islander full-back went down on an unintentional tackle from Bose. Ambulance has been brought on the field immediately and cameras are not zooming in the condition of the Indian full-back. We really hope everything is fine and the player gets the right treatment in due time.

[45'] Will the Mariners row into half-time with scores level? We have 3 more minutes to find out!

[41'] ATK Mohun Bagan are calm despite having little to no possession now. They are keen on going into break with lead as they are playing with a compact structure now. Will the Islanders manage to get one here? Stats do favour them to do so, as the side have scored most of their goals in 30-45 minute mark.

[36'] Following the returns from Drinks Break, ATK Mohun Bagan are trying to get control of the ball and slow the pace of the game. Mumbai City, however, are still dominating in numbers, but failing to get that breakthrough in the final third.

[29'] A GIFT GOAL , and Mumbai City will take that!! The Christmas has come early for the Islanders here as they are back into the game with an Own Goal gift from Tiri. Following the desperation to get goal, Mumbai City try to get ahead and Ahmed Jahouh launches a long ball forward spotting the run of Bipin. However, before Indian could catch it, Mohun Bagan centre-back Tiri tries to clear the ball but instead heads it backward with power. An off the line Arindam is unable to get hands on it and ball lands at back of the net. Disappointment in Mariners Camp. Own Goal - Tiri. Mumbai City 1, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[26'] Mumbai City are trying hard to bounce back as they have had ball for nearly most time since conceding. However, to the despair of the Islanders, they are not able to get the breakthrough. Will this interesting stat record stand true even today - ATK Mohun Bagan have never lost a game when David Williams has scored!

[20'] YELLOW CARD for Hernan Santana. Mumbai City centre-back is the first player to go in referee's books tonight as he brings down Carl McHugh.

[18'] GOOAAALL!!! David Williams launches Mariners into lead. The move starts with Mohun Bagan forwards pressing Islanders' back line. Following the high press, Jahouh drops deep to collect the ball from Fall. However, the loose pass is not collected properly by the Moroccan, and a sprinting David Williams gets better in the physicality to win ball from him just on the edge of box, rush a little inside and shoot the powerful strike through Amrinder's hands. Mumbai City 0, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[15'] Mumbai City win a free kick in the centre region on the right flank. The opportunity is taken by Jahouh as Islanders lineup in Mohun Bagan box. The Moroccan launches a long ball targeting Fall, but the centre back brings down Mariners defender Jhingan in process to win the duel.

[10'] The Islanders have grown into the game and are creating troubles for the Mariners. Following a series of passes, Mumbai City break in ATK Mohun Bagan box with Bipin Singh, who goes down on a touch from Kotal, demanding penalty, but the referee clearly denies for it.

[5'] Both teams have cleared their intentions right from the start. While Mumbai City have had an attempt from far with Le Fondre, ATK Mohun Bagan have been stopped in their tracks twice with tackles.

KICK-OFF: Mumbai City get us underway for the Finals at Fatorda Stadium. They are in Blue, playing from left to right.

Players have walked out of tunnel and lined up for the national anthem. Following the respect to Indian anthem, toss will decide which team will kick-off the game. Glory awaits!

Tie your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, for the battle between attack vs defence is about to begin! It is time for ISL Final - Mumbai City vs ATK Mohun Bagan.

Following the defeat for prestigious ACL spot, Mohun Bagan will want to get the revenge. On the other hand, Mumbai City will want to continue with their dominance and repeat the history. Will shield winners go on to lift the trophy, or will ATK Mohun Bagan improve upon their mistakes? Stay tuned as we will bring you LIVE action from Fatorda Stadium shortly.

Welcome to the grand finale of Indian Super League 2020-21: Mumbai City vs ATK Mohun Bagan. The top two teams from the league stage will clash once again for the most valued silverware. With squads already announced, now is the time to go back and check on Fantasy Team. You can check out our Fantasy Tips and make changes accordingly for the high-voltage clash.


Mumbai City Playing XI: Amrinder Singh (GK), Amey Ranawade, Mourtada Fall, Hernan Santana, Vignesh Dakshinamurthy, Ahmed Jahouh, Rowllin Borges, Raynier Fernandes, Hugo Boumous, Bipin Singh, Adam Le Fondre.

ATK Mohun Bagan Playing XI: Arindam Bhattacharja (GK), Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose, Carl McHugh, Javier Hernandez, Lenny Rodrigues, Manvir Singh, David Williams, Roy Krishna.


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