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Indian hockey player Birendra Lakra and his girlfriend accused of murder of childhood friend

Birendra was part of the Bronze medal-winning team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 28 June 2022 2:46 pm

Birendra Lakra

International hockey player Birendra Lakra has been under controversy as he has been accused of killing a man named Anand Tappo who was his close friend. Lakra is alleged to have committed the crime with the help of his girlfriend.

As per a complaint filed by the deceased’s father Bandhana Tappo at Infocity police station in Bhubaneswar, Birendra and his girlfriend Manjit Tete and Anand were living together in a flat under Infocity police limits. He then talked about how they had an argument surrounding Manjit. Hence Birendra and Manjit decided to kill Anand on February 28. However, they declared the death a suicide and have ever since been suppressing the matter. 

As reported by various local news outlets, Bandhana said, “It would be difficult on part of a father to bear his newly married son’s death. After an argument, Birendra and Manjit had tied Anand’s hands before strangulating him to death at the apartment and termed it suicide.

Bandhana further said, “Anand returned to Bhubaneswar after getting married. The trio (Birendra, Anand and Manjit) was leading a happy life. On February 28, Birendra called me to inform me that Anand committed suicide. When our family members reached the spot, Birendra showed ignorance about the matter.”

“From the prima facie evidence it was clear that Anand was murdered. Sensing Birendra’s hand behind Anand’s death, we went to file a complaint with Infocity police. However, police had not received our complaint.”

“Even after four months, police have failed to unravel the exact reason behind Anand’s death. Had Anand committed suicide, police would have established the reason behind Anand’s committing suicide. Police should clarify the reason behind delaying the investigation”, said Bandhana. 

Reports also say that Anand Tappo got married on 16 February which was followed by his reception was held on 18 February. The event was attended by Birendra Lakra. Following the death of Anand, both Birendra and his girlfriend have stopped residing in the flat. Birendra was part of the Bronze medal-winning team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


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