Picture Credit: BCCI/IPL

It's been a week that the much awaited Indian Premier League started. Although it was the started which most of the CSK fans expected for the Yellow Army after they lost they lost the season opener against Delhi Capitals. With this loss, skipper MS Dhoni was fined Rs 12 lakh due to slow over rate. Coming into the second game, CSK captain needs to be on his toes as they play against Punjab Kings, making sure his bowlers complete the quota of 20 overs within 90 minutes. 

How can MS Dhoni face one-match ban? 

Now, according to the rule, if the captain repeats the offense in consecutive games, then as a two-timer offender, a penalty will be imposed by the IPL authorities. Also, hypothetically if against the Punjab Kings, CSK do not complete their 20 overs within 90 minutes, MS Dhoni would pay a penalty of whopping Rs.24 lakh, which is double of the first fine.

Now, if the slow over-rate offence is repeated for the third time, then the skipper will be banned for one match and would also pay a large fine of Rs 30 lakh. Additionally, even the rest of the team will face a fine of Rs 12 lakh or 50% of the match fee. 

For the IPL 2021 season, BCCI has taken strict and prompt measures to ensure that all the teams and match officials finish the innings within the time span of 90 minutes. If any team fails of doing so, their captain would be slammed with the same fate as MS Dhoni.