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IPL 2022 Captains Report: How each captain performed in this edition?

In this article, we hereby rank the IPL captains based on their own form given the skill they bring to their team and their leadership of the unit.

Dev Tyagi Author

Updated - 23 May 2022 1:34 pm

The world’s most famous T20 franchise-based league is clearly in the business end of the tournament. There’ve been clear ups and downs and with it, some very famous revelations or surprises as one would call them.

For instance, we’ve been quite stunned by the now-show or lack of a show by IPL stalwarts – Chennai and Mumbai. Yet, at the same time, it’s quite heartening to see the rise and rise of noted IPL newcomers in Lucknow and Gujarat, two teams that have made massive inroads in their very first edition of the nerve-wracking tournament.

But, you’d be treading like a novice if you were to say that it’s only the table toppers and big run makers or wicket clinchers who’ve left their mark; at the end of the day, implicit in how each team has fared has been the presence and performance of its captain.

And while some of the leaders have truly inspired and shown the way, often resulting in unbelievable results, there are quite a few who’d like to come back stronger having produced little or no show this time around.

That being said, we hereby rank the current IPL captains based on their own form given the skill they bring to their team and their leadership of the unit (in this particular order).

1. Kane Williamson, Sunrisers Hyderabad (7 losses from 13 games, recent form -1 win, 4 losses)

Clearly speaking, the most disappointing of all IPL captains, Kane Williamson has done a botched up job of leading one of the more enterprising outfits of the IPL in Hyderabad in this edition.

That he’s commanding a team that one feels always has its best days ahead of it tends to provide a buffer of hope but then, how long can hope suffice for a lack of performance?

To his credit, along with the team’s think-tank, Kane’s biggest contribution this year was to field, nearly always, the right combination of the playing eleven. But just remove the names like newfound Umran Malik and Rahul Tripathi from the unit and just what are you left with?

On most occasions where things just didn’t go his team’s way, the New Zealander wasn’t found holding intense talks amid the game or pressure situation, which is what most do. And being his cheery self, was simply left joining hands in a bid to encourage when little went his way.

Moreover, Williamson, usually sprightly with the bat in the game’s shortest format for national duties, has been an utter disaster in this IPL providing the Sunrisers only 216 runs, 13 outings. His average has been 19 – would you believe it?

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