Match 50 - Prediction of the game


What a tournament it has turned out to be so far and with the race to the final four getting more and more intense in this stage, the contest between Delhi & Hyderabad is also expected to be a fiery one with each side not looking to give an inch to the other.

At this stage only 2 points separate the two teams with Hyderabad at 10 points and Delhi at 8 points, both having played 9 games. Yet Hyderabad are placed at the fourth position in the table and Delhi are at the 7th place - a testimony to how competitive this season has been so far.

Ahead of their meeting at the Brabourne Stadium, here is what numbers suggest could happen in this game.

1. Toss Prediction

Hyderabad have lost just one toss so far in IPL 2022 - an incredible 88.88 toss winning rate and it is hard to go for any other team for toss prediction when Kane Williamson is set to come out for the toss. So Hyderabad are predicted to win the toss.

2. Win Possibility

Overall the two teams have met a total of 20 times and clearly Hyderabad have had an upper hand with 11 wins. By contrast, Delhi have won on the other 9 occasions. This season too Hyderabad have had a better win percentage than Delhi although marginal. All these stats suggest that Hyderabad could clinch the two points.

3. Team of the Day

The Team of the Day is Hyderabad who have been competitive throughout the tournament barring the initial hiccup. They are a side who go about their business without making much noise, much like their captain Kane Williamson.

4. Powerplay Score

The average powerplay score in IPL 2022 at the Brabourne Stadium has been 52.4. Given the quality of stroke makers in the Delhi top-order they can easily score above 50, if the conditions are good for batters. However, Kane Williamson likes to take his time which means Hyderabad might end up with less than 50 while the fielding restrictions are on.

5. Average first innings and second innings score

174.09 has been the average first innings score at this venue this season. The average second innings score is 164.45.

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