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IPL 2022 Gujarat vs Chennai Match 29: Toss Prediction, Match Prediction, Powerplay score and More

Let's look at the possible happenings in the game and who have an edge based on the statistics and numbers.

Ritesh Pathak Author

Updated - 16 April 2022 5:42 pm

The second game of Sunday’s doubleheader will have defending champions Chennai up against Gujarat in the 29th match of the season. Chennai finally got off to a start as they beat RCB in their fifth game of the season. The four-time champions put on a massive total while batting first and defended it successfully. However, they seemed to lose control in the death overs.

Gujarat Titans, on the other hand, have lost only one game so far in the tournament. Hardik Pandya has led the team incredibly well. He has scored runs, taken wickets, and has made good tactical moves. And hence, Gujarat sit at the top of the points table. But will they be able to dominate Chennai Super Kings who have just got the momentum?

Let’s look at the possible happenings in the game and who have an edge.

1. Toss Prediction

The first and foremost thing in the game, toss will be crucial for both teams. While Chennai have won only one of their last five tosses, Gujarat have won two of last five. Hardik Pandya is expected to extend the lead on Sunday.

2. Win Possibility

There are no past records to look at as Chennai and Gujarat will meet for the first time in the Indian Premier League. However, Gujarat have the momentum and form with them. Plus, they have a more settled team as compared to Chennai Super Kings. Thus, they are the favorites to win the game.

3. Team of the day

Looking at the players in both the teams and their form, Gujarat Titans are the Team of the day for Match 29.

4. Powerplay score

The average powerplay score at the MCA Stadium this season has been 41.5. Gujarat have managed to score 48 runs in the first six overs of almost all games they have played so far in the tournament. Meanwhile, Chennai have managed an average powerplay score of 42.2. So, powerplay scores for both teams are expected to remain over 40 runs in Match 29.

5. Average first and second innings score

The average first inning score at MCA Stadium, Pune has been 178.2 while the average second innings score at the venue has been 161.2.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the author’s point of view. They neither reflect the opinion of SportsTiger nor advise anyone to make any prediction based on this. SportsTiger does not assume any responsibility and liability for the same.


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