Prediction of the Game Mumbai vs Lucknow


While we are still in the first half of IPL 2022, so much seems to have happened already. Five-time champions Mumbai have lost all their matches, defending champions Chennai have a solitary win against their name from their five games and both new teams have done well and find themselves in the top half of the points table with Gujarat taking the top spot.

On Saturday, the first of the twin clashes will see Mumbai up against Lucknow. Although "win" will be the only thing in the minds of the Blue and Gold Brigade, Lucknow won't be an easy opponent for them as they have already secured 3 wins out of their 5 matches.

Both sides will meet at the Brabourne Stadium. Ahead of this game, here is a stat-based prediction of which way the game could go on April 16.

1. Toss Prediction

Mumbai have won 2 out of their 5 tosses in IPL 2022. Meanwhile, Lucknow have won 3 out of their 5 tosses this season. With more tossing going Lucknow's way this season, they are predicted to win the toss.

2. Win Possibility

Both teams haven't met before and this will be their first meeting in IPL. This means only their current form will be taken into consideration. In IPL 2022, Lucknow have won 3 out of 5 matches which means they have had a 60 per cent winning rate in this edition. Mumbai haven't a game and have a 0 per cent winning rate. Based on current form, predicting Lucknow to win this match.

3. Team of the Day

The team of the day is Lucknow who have a superior winning rate this season and are sitting on the fifth place on the points table in contrast to Mumbai who are right at the bottom of the ladder.

4. Powerplay Score

The average powerplay score at the Brabourne Stadium in IPL 2022 has been 53.3. Both teams have great top-order talents who can score at a brisk rate. While Rohit Sharma has been out of form, he has looked extremely good in his last two innings before getting out. Predicting both teams to go past the 45-run mark inside the first six overs.

5. Average first innings and second innings score

The average first innings score at this venue in IPL 2022 is 194.2. Meanwhile, the average second inning score at this venue in this edition of IPL is 175.4.

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