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IPL 2022 Playoffs scenario for RCB, DC, PBKS, KKR & SRH after 63 matches

Notably, Gujarat is the only team which has qualified for the playoffs with Lucknow (3rd) & Rajasthan (2nd) still in line to earn their qualifications.

Sudharshan Sridharan Author

Updated - 16 May 2022 1:39 pm

IPL 2022 Playoffs

IPL 2022 points table is looking very interesting at the moment with Gujarat Titans being only team to have qualified officially for playoffs at the moment while Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have been eliminated from the race as they have lost more than 7 games in this season. Teams like RCB, DC, PBKS, KKR and SRH are looking to fight for 1 remaining spot in Playoffs race as LSG and RR are most likely confirmed to enter Playoffs unless they lose their last match of league stage by big margin and also if RCB defeats GT by a big margin.

Now, here in this article we will have a look at best way for these five teams to enter IPL 2022 Playoffs.

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore

– RCB should defeat GT
– Winner of PBKS vs DC should lose their last match of league stage

If PBKS defeats DC, then they should lose their final game to SRH. Similarly, if DC defeats PBKS, then they should lose their final game to MI.

2. Delhi Capitals

If they win their remaining two games against PBKS and MI then they will be qualified most likely considering their Net Run Rate.

3. Punjab Kings

– If Punjab win their remaining matches against DC and SRH & also ensure that their NRR is greater than RCB if RCB defeats GT(in match 67).

– SRH vs PBKS will be game number 70, thus PBKS might be aware of the margin with which they should defeat SRH, if RCB surpasses PBKS net run rate while defeating GT.

4. Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad

Unlike the above 3 teams, KKR and SRH can’t get 16 points and maximum they can manage to reach is only 14 points in table. So, for them to enter Playoffs they should ensure none of RCB, DC (or) PBKS touch that 16-point mark.

For this to happen the upcoming games results should be:

1. GT should beat RCB, so that RCB doesn’t reach 16 points.

2. Now in PBKS vs DC, definitely one of the team will reach 14 points but since PBKS has lesser NRR so we take PBKS defeat DC as for both KKR & SRH, it would be easy to surpass PBKS team NRR.

3. SRH must defeat PBKS in their final game (to ensure PBKS doesn’t reach 16 points) and MI must defeat DC in their final game. If DC reaches 14 points then it would be tough for both KKR and SRH to surpass their NRR realistically.

If the above results happen then,

– In KKR’s point of view, KKR should defeat LSG and hope SRH loses to MI, so that SRH doesn’t trouble KKR’s chances of qualifying for Playoffs.

– In SRH’s point of view, SRH should win both their remaining matches against MI & PBKS and hope KKR lose to LSG, so that KKR doesn’t trouble SRH’s chances of qualifying for Playoffs.


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