Prediction of the Game


As soon as the Indian Premier League (IPL) commenced, it has quickly become an integral part of the evenings for cricket lovers in India and around the world. It is usually a cricket-packed season and fans rarely get enough of it, thanks to the high standard of sport which is on display almost every evening throughout the duration of the tournament.

While there have been a few thrilling games already, match number 16 of IPL 2022 promises to be another one of those set to be played between Punjab and Gujarat on Friday. The two teams will meet at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

Before their face-off, here is a stat-based prediction of what all could transpire in the fixture.

1. Toss Prediction

This is the first IPL season for Gujarat. So, taking only IPL 2022 matches into consideration, Gujarat have won one toss and lost the other in the 2 matches so far. On the other hand, Punjab have won just one out of the 3 tosses so far. Since Punjab's 33.33 toss winning rate is less than of Gujarat's 50 per cent, the prediction from here is that Gujarat will win the toss.

2. Win Possibility

A new team in IPL in one of these fixtures implies no historical head-to-head data to work with. On current form though, Gujarat have a 100 per cent track record this season, having won both their matches so far. Meanwhile, Punjab have won 66.66 per cent of their matches, having lost 1 out of 3. Based sheerly on the numbers, Gujarat are predicted to win this game.

3. Team of the Day

With a cent per cent winning rate and a flamboyance around the way they are going about things this season, Gujarat are the pick of the Team of the Day.

4. Powerplay Score

The average powerplay score at this venue in IPL 2022 has been 54.3. Going by that as a parameter and the quality of batters in the top 3 of both sides, both teams are predicted to score over 45 runs inside the first six overs.

5. Average first innings and second innings score

189 is the average first innings score at Brabourne Stadium in IPL 2022. The average second innings score at this venue this IPL season is 172.

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