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IPL 2022: Technical Committee to monitor Covid situation, two DRS among major changes made ahead of IPL 2022

In a new development, reports suggest three vital decisions related to the IPL games have been made.

Aakash Srivastava Author

Updated - 14 March 2022 10:51 pm

IPL 2022

The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League has created much buzz amongst cricket fans as the new edition is coming to excite its fans in completely rejuvenated form. With two new franchises and an updated format, the top brass of IPL’s governing council has left no stone unturned to make the cash-rich league tournament a thrilling affair for the fans. In a new development, reports suggest three vital decisions related to the IPL games have been made.

Sources close to BCCI on Monday were reportedly quoted saying, “Matter to alter playing XI due to any Covid situation will be referred to the technical committee. Unable to field a team on account of COVID for any match due to having less than 12 players available in the playing XI (of which at least seven must be Indian) plus one substitute fielder.”

However, sources stated that the BCCI, at its discretion, will attempt to reschedule the match for later in the season. “Issues will be referred to the IPL Technical Committee. The decision of the IPL Technical Committee will be final and binding,” claimed sources close to BCCI were quoted. While the new development will depend on the Technical Committee, the previous edition was harsher, which had Covid positive players. As per previous rules, the franchise will be deemed to have lost the match, with its opponent being awarded 2 points.

Increase in the number of referrals (DRS) from one to two

While the first decision referred to Techincal Committee, another decision increased the number of referrals (DRS) from one to two. “In each innings, the number of reviews has been increased from one to two,” the BCCI source said and endorsed the recent MCC suggestion that the new batsman will have to take the strike even if the batsmen in the middle crossover during a catch. ”

Upon a catch dismissal, irrespective of whether the batsmen have crossed or not, the incoming batsman will take the strike, except if it’s the last ball of the over,” the BCCI informed the teams.

Meanwhile, there is a third major change which will be applicable in IPL 2022 Playoffs and the Final i.e. if Super Over or subsequent Super Overs can’t be completed due to some reason then the team that has finished higher in the league will be declared as winner.


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