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IPL sets world record for unveiling biggest cricket jersey, picture surfaces

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 29 May 2022 8:06 pm

The white colour jersey spread across the Narendra Modi Stadium has created the Guinness world record for the largest jersey in the world. This news was announced by former India player and coach, Ravi Shastri who was hosting the closing ceremony for the 2022 IPL season. The jersey comprised of the number 15, signifying the 15 years of IPL and logos of all the teams participating in the tournament.

This entertaining closing ceremony included an energetic performance by Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh who lit up the stage with electric dance performances on various popular songs. His infectious enthusiasm was followed by another magical performance by AR Rahman and other singers like Benny Dayal, Neeti Mohan and Mohit Chauhan. The legendary music director performed a medley of songs signifying the 75 years of Independence of India and its cricketing heritage. 

But the ceremony kicked off with a speech presented by Chanda Singh, CEO, XP&D. Singh started her address by talking about the grandiose of the occasion and then previewed the performances by Ranveer Singh and AR Rahman. 

“It is the 15th year of IPL and on this milestone occasion, the closing ceremony for this year’s IPL has to be really mega. It is a grand closing ceremony with the best of the global superstars coming to perform for the audience. It is going to be really huge because we are not just having two star icons performances for the offline stadium that are sitting inside the stadium and for the online viewers,” said Chanda Singh who is managing the closing ceremony of IPL 2022.

“We are also going to make it a huge event, a huge closing ceremony by creating a world record which you are going to see very soon. It is going to be huge because you have AR Rahman performing for us, you have Ranveer Singh who is performing for us as well. AR Rahman is performing a tribute concert for Team India and 75 years of Indian cricket so it’s a salute of IPL to 75 years of cricket in India. Ranveer is celebrating each of the 10 teams which are playing which is huge from the last many years of IPL,” added Chanda.

Chanda Singh then talked about the new innovations that were created for the online viewers of the tournament with augmented reality. She continued by saying that, “We also have something innovative and exciting for our online viewers. We are bringing alive 75 years of Indian cricket through augmented reality on broadcast for the first time and people will be witnessing some of the highlight moments of 75 years of Indian cricket and how every decade has been able to ensure that this sport is loved by so many people and so many fans in our country. So, that is the innovation we are bringing alive to our audience.”


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