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Is Mauro Icardi the most hated football player? – PSG’s star controversies, scandals and more

Throughout the course of his career, Mauro Icardi has always been among the headlines for some scandal or the either.

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Updated - 19 October 2021 8:49 pm

Mauro Icardi's most controversial moments

The 28-year-old Argentinian striker who had the world at his feet during his stint in the Italian footballing top tier seems to be going through a rough patch yet again. With the latest accusation coming from his wife, Wanda for allegedly cheating upon her. It seems like the Paris Saint Germain striker has been all over the news for all the wrong reasons. And to add to Icardi’s misery, it is not the first time he has struck the bumpy road.

Throughout the course of his career, Mauro Icardi has always been among the headlines for some scandal or the either. Many fanatics regard this to be one of the reasons why Icardi hasn’t been among the good books of his peers. So, in this article, we are going to look upon just why Mauro Icardo is regarded as one of the most hated footballers in the world and more importantly looking at all of his scandals.

List of Mauri Icardi’s scandals

  1. The Wanda Derby

Mauro Icardi started his stint in the Italian domestic circuit in Sampdoria where he became good friends with Maxi Lopez, who interestingly was with Wanda at that time. Lopez and Wanda were very cordial to Icardi and often invited him to family outings and dinings. By 2013, rumours of Icardi and Wanda being an item started floating.

Both often denied the same and buried all accusations. However, as soon as Wanda and Lopez split, the Argentinian model was with Icardo. Ahead of the start of the 2013-13 Serie A season, Mauro Icardi was sold to Inter Milan and when the team was scheduled to play against Sampdoria, fans derived it as the ‘Wanda Derby’. To add to the bad blood between Lopez and Icardi, when the players from both the side were exchanging pleasantries, Lopez and Icardo did not shake hands. To confirm Icardi’s contribution in the split of Lopez and Wanda, the latter filed for divorce in December.

Just five months later Wanda and Icardi announced their marriage in Buenos Aires with only 12 guests in an intimate marriage ceremony.

  1. Icardi Gets Lopez’s Children Inked on his Arm

After marriage it was revealed that Wanda was not happy with Maxi Lopez and to add salt to the burns, she and Icardi welcomed their daughter Francesca eight months later. With Icardi and Lopez not being on good terms, Icardi always used to post pictures of Lopez’s 3 sons without his consent, which surely bothered the former Sampdoria defender. Moreover, to cringe the fans, even more, Icardi got Lopez’s children inked on his arm.

  1. Ugly Spat with Inter Milan Supporters

Juventus had established their elite dominance in the previous decade and Inter Milan were surely putting their best foot forward season after season to overcome their voids. In February 2015, Mauro Icardo was already the captain of Inter at just the tender age of 22. After beating Sassuolo 7-0 earlier in the season, the former team came back to beat Inter Milan 3-1 in the same month. After the match got over, Mauro Icardi threw his shirt towards the Milan fans in frustration, who replicated the same by returning it by throwing it in his face.

Furthermore, Icardi decided to go ahead and cuss the travelling supporters which started his love-hate relationship with Inter Milan fans. Now, Icardi was a player who did not forget such incidents and in October 2016 when he published in autobiography Sempre Avanti (‘Always Ahead’), he wrote upon the same incident in Sassuolo.

After reading the comments and language used by the Argentinian international for the particular incident, the management decided to strip off his captaincy band. The club also made sure that those comments were withdrawn before the final draft was published. Lastly, in 2019, when Icardi was experiencing a rough patch, Wanda used her vast media presence in trying to brag about a new contract for her husband with Inter Milan. To which Mauro Icardi’s sister responded by stating that Icardi needs to find “someone who really has his brother’s interests at heart”, adding “I want my brother back” and calling Wanda “a viper”.

  1. Cheating Scandal on Wife, Wanda Icardi

Just when fanatics thought Wanda and Mauro Icardi are at ease, the former blasted on Twitter stating, “Another family that you have ruined for a s***.’The 34-year-old Argentine model then unfollowed Mauro on Twitter before admitting she had split from him to a friend over a cheating storm.

Wanda Icardi went ahead and blamed actress Maria Suarez Eugenia for rigorously trying to snatch her husband from her. While the latter has denied all such claims and suggests that she has no idea where all this has come from.

To not leave Mauro Icardo at peace, Wanda posted an image of her without a ring, saying she likes her hand empty-handed(without a ring).


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