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'Fixing' -  The word has several meanings, however, if one has to talk from cricket's perspective, this is, for sure, one of the most derogatory words. Not only the act, but even the approach for it or the allegation of it could also take a player's everything away. On a brief note, 'fixing' in cricket simply means setting up the outcome of a match or a moment through corrupt practices. Though the word is highly offensive and should be used with utmost care and surety, some social media users have found it easy to trend the word on the very famous microblogging website Twitter.

When India defeated Afghanistan by 66 runs at the T20 World Cup on Wednesday this week, the word had trended on Twitter with those making such posts accusing that the game between the sides was "fixed". Soon after India started dominating the game against Scotland in Dubai days after, the word trended yet again, with those users accusing the game between the sides of being "fixed".

Here is a sample of the same:

Though there are various aspects of this newly-generated sickness, in this article, we will try to look for and comprehend the idea behind such an act- Why do people actually write such a word that too without evidence? And how does it affect or will affect the game of cricket in the long run?

To understand why one says a match is fixed, we have to see first- Who says that a match is fixed? So, in general cases, you will see that the person who is hurt by the victory or outright victory of a particular team over its opponent usually puts such allegation. At times, such critics go so much far in bashing the team that they cannot see it registering convincing wins as it simply puts a question on themselves and their previous comments made about the particular team. So, such people find it easy to call it a "fixed match" and save themselves, rather than accepting that they spoke something, they shouldn't have. Meanwhile, the practice of using the 'fixing' or 'fixed' word regularly puts them in a win-win situation. If the particular team loses, they criticise it as harsh as possible, because when they improve their game or make a turnaround, words such as 'fixing' or 'fix' will come to the rescue of the critics.

However, that idea, for some time could be evaded (which it shouldn't be) in the case of two IPL teams fighting each other where there are very few things separating the ability of the sides. But what about two contrasting teams in terms of potential and experience at the international stage? If we take recent two examples, we have to think about how our minds have been played with the help of these words. Think for once, when should a word like 'fixed' or 'fixing' could come to one's mind? It is when a team like Afghanistan outplay India thoroughly or say a team like Scotland overwhelm the Men in Blue. Even these cases are also possible in cricket, yet these would have given rise to people accusing the team of 'fixing' the game. But how can India beating a team like Afghanistan could be a matter to even talk about? How can a world-class team beat an opponent which is comparatively lesser in potential and experience even be given a second to talk about?

Now coming to the very next question- How does it affect or will affect the game. To understand this better, let's recall the famous quote: “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” When you keep saying or listening or reading something, after a point in time, you start believing it, at times even unknowingly. The repetition of words like 'fixed' or 'fixing' does nothing but create a bug in the minds of people. And this will eventually take all the entertainment of the game away for them. Doesn't matter however big a turnaround is, they won't trust it as the words 'fixed' and 'fixing' will keep revolving around their mind. And if they cannot trust what is happening around them, how can they enjoy it? Meanwhile, think about those players who give it their everything on the field to produce terrific performances. How would they feel when they listen to such accusations, rather than getting admired about what they just did on the field. Let that sink in.