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It was so scary for a moment: Ravi Ashwin opens up about Team India’s scary flight from Melbourne to Sydney

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 4 June 2022 7:10 pm

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has shared a scary flight story back from the Australia tour of 2020/21. Ashwin talked about how while travelling from Melbourne to Sydney their flight was caught in a thunderstorm and hence was scared about whether the flight would ever land or not. 

“We were flying to Sydney and the flight encountered a thunderstorm. It was so scary that for a moment, I thought that the flight would never land,” Ashwin recollected at the trailer launch of the documentary ‘Bandon Mein Tha Dum’. After landing in Australia successfully, Ashwin had also tweeted about the incident and wrote, “Yours Turbulently, Melbourne to Sydney! #ouch #scary.”

While talking about the documentary,  Pandey said, “I think it would have been wrong to recreate the miracle that has happened in the reality. The whole series of four Test matches was a huge sporting event of our recent time. I couldn’t have done any justice by recreating it on-screen. My focus was to document the contribution of all the 20 players throughout the tournament in an honest manner. So documentary was the best format for me to do that, not a film.”

“We had the entire footage of every single innings and watching them ball by ball and what to keep, what to edit out was a different level of negotiation in mind.” Even though we were not focusing on dressing room footage, we captured everything that the players were going through emotionally and physically. As they said that ‘everything was going against us’. Then comes how to share the story in a storytelling manner,” he continued. 

“That is when we decided to bring the captains of both the team, India and Australia. While everyone thought that India is out of the game, our players were celebrating a drawn match! That was a ray of hope! Eventually, when we sat for interviews with the players for our docu-series and revisited the whole experience, the process felt almost healing for them.”


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