Virat Kohli is no more the captain of team India. He has relieved himself from captaincy duties in all formats of the game and is playing purely as a batter now. But he has led India in enough games to be counted in the elite list of captains. Kohli also boasts of phenomenal numbers as a leader.

During his captaincy days, the Delhi-born cricketer was known for his aggressive style and for giving it back to the opposition. Kohli was also famous for fighting for his teammates. Although there have been questions raised about his relationship with his teammates, the players have contradicted such claims.

Now, a statement by former India cricketer and now commentator Vivek Razdan has also nullified all such talks about Kohli's bitter relationship with his mates. The former cricketer has pointed out that he has never seen Kohli travelling in business class during his captaincy days and rather he always preferred to travel in the economy class with his teammates.

"In a flight, two seats are reserved in business class - one for the captain and one for the coach. But I have never seen Virat Kohli travel in business class during a flight. He always prefers to be with his teammates in the economy class," said Razdan.

You don't need to be captain to be a leader: Virat Kohli

Now, Kohli may not be the official leader of the team he plays for but he is still a crucial contributor when it comes to decision making. The cricketer himself believes that one doesn't necessarily need to be a captain to be a leader. After stepping down from India's Test captaincy Kohli has said in a chat show that he is still a leader and will continue to be.

"Now as a batsman maybe you have more things to contribute to the team. You can make the team win more. So, take pride in that. You don't need to be a captain to be a leader. As simple as that," Kohli had said.