Jack Leach touts DRS as the new VAR after umpiring blunder on Day 1 of Chennai Test

SportsTiger StaffAuthor

Updated - 15 February 2021 05:41 PM


Football fans might be well versed with VAR or the Video Assistant Referee system in the game. The new technology was meant to help referees review their decisions with the help of replaying video footage. However, things have not turned out to be merry so far, and the system has been criticized of the late, specially in English Premier League. The frustration of dropped points has invited criticisms from players and coaches as well.

The same annoyance was once again seen on the pitch; however, it was a Cricket field this time. The mutual frustration was shared for DRS, the Decision Review System on Saturday when Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane survived despite a good delivery from spinner Jack Leach. The English spinner had nearly trapped the Indian veteran in an LBW, yelling a convincing appeal right after the contact, but umpire had other thoughts. The Three Lions immediately went for the review, hoping tables to turn in their favour.

Notably, the decision-making process saw every angle get covered except the one that would pretty much overturn the on-field decision. Ultimately, the long review from Anil Chaudhary concluded with decision in support of hosts. “It is a bit like VAR today, still controversial, it is what it is… We wanted to check them the other one (camera angle). I got the impression that they hadn’t checked it. There is nothing I can do about it at that time,” said Leach after the day’s game was over.

Although the decision irked off the visitors’ camp, happiness was once again restored when Ajinkya Rahane was dismissed in the next over. The things thereon improved for the Englishman as they went on to scalp 3 more wickets in the final hour of the day. Moreover, error came to attention of officials as well, who were generous enough to provide Englishmen with another review chance. So, while it was controversial, it all ended well, unlike VAR, where decisions have seen teams losing a lot in the long run.


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