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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: All you need to know – Venue, Date and More

Tommy heads into this fight with a record of 7-0 and is deemed as the clear favourite to beat Jake Paul. Whereas the latter holds an unbeaten record of 4-0

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Updated - 30 October 2021 3:34 pm

Fight fans are aware of Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s long term rivalry. Being the half brother of boxing legend Tyson Fury, Tommy has left no stone unturned in taking verbal jabs at the controversial younger Paul brother. While Jake Paul called off the fight against the same opponent couple of days ago and now has officially confirmed it as well. With the stakes so high, both these fighters have their unbeaten streaks on the line.

Now to those who are not yet aware, the professional boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will be contested at 192 rounds for eight, three-minute rounds. As per the latest reports of ESPN, Jake Paul has revealed that Tommy Fury has agreed to change his name to Tommy Fumbles if he suffers his first professional defeat against the ‘Problem Child’,

Tommy heads into this fight with a record of 7-0 and is deemed as the clear favourite to beat Jake Paul. Whereas the latter holds an unbeaten record of 4-0 and a win against Tommy Fury could seriously improve the ‘fighting claim’ of 24-year-old as this would be the first time, Jake would face an actual boxer inside the ring. So, make sure you know all about Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury as the mega showdown has been officially confirmed by both the fighters on social media.

Where and when will Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury’s fight take place?

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will fight on December 18, 2021. This mega fight will be staged in Miami, Florida at Amalie Arena. Moreover, the weight limit set for the fight is 192lbs.

Where to watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

According to the official fight poster, Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will be broadcast on Showtime PPV. Tickets for the same will go live for sale on November 10, 2021.

Why does Tyson Fury want Tommy to fight Jake Paul?

Tyson Fury, the reigning heavyweight champion has urged his younger brother Tommy to beat the hell out of the Problem Child for the amount of verbal banter thrown towards them by the latter. Moreover, Tyson also stated that he would make Tommy Fury quit boxing if he losses against Jake. Knowing the notorious nature of Jake Paul, he added fuel to the fire by proposing a bet of $500,000 if Tommy beats him. Furthermore, he would publicly make sure that Tommy Fury changes his name to Tommy Fumbles for a year.

After a victory over Tyson Woodley in his previous fight, Jake Paul left no time in calling out Tommy. Interestingly, this was quite a surprise to many fight fans as Jake had previously rejected a proposal from Tommy Fury. Then Jake Paul offered $1 Million to Tommy to take this fight. And the latter responded by stating that it wasn’t even the amount that would trigger him to get out of the bed. Despite multiple disagreements and rejections, this fight finally takes place as one of the biggest boxing rivalries will be settled on December 18.


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