'Jarvo 69' banned from Headingley for life; set to face financial penalty as well

Although it was funny for the fans to watch, it is not the kind of behaviour which should be promoted in the sport.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 28 August 2021 04:54 PM

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The ongoing 5-match Test series between India and England has produced some extremely exciting action for cricket fans across the globe. From Joe Root's brilliance with the bat to Jasprit Bumrah's fiery bowling, it's been quite a spectacle in the United Kingdom. Amid an exciting series, there have been few moments which have proven to be quite embarrassing for England Cricket Board (ECB).

The English crowd has not been too kind to the Indian players and has been involved in some unacceptable incidents. KL Rahul and Mohammed Siraj have been on the receiving end of few of those incidents, when the fans crossed their limits. Something that has been really surprising is the fact that security at the stadiums has failed on quite a few occasions, especially in the case of 'Jarvo 69'.

Yorkshire Cricket Club reacts to Jarvis' unacceptable actions

The English fan named Daniel Jarvis has became the talking point of the series when he intruded on the field at Lord's with 'Jarvo' written behind his No. 69 jersey. While it looked like a one-off incident, the man surprisingly appeared once again at Headingley on Day 3 of third Test. When Rohit Sharma was dismissed, Jarvo walked in with the helmet on, making a mockery of the security personnel once again.

Although it was funny for the fans to watch, it is not the kind of behaviour which should be promoted in the sport. As a result, Yorkshire County Cricket Club have now taken a bold step to hand a lifetime ban to 'Jarvo 69' from Headingly in addition to imposing a financial penalty as well. "Yes, Daniel Jarvis will be banned from Headingley for life. We will also be imposing a financial penalty," a Yorkshire CCC spokesperson told PTI.

Did India lodge a complain against Jarvo?

There is no official confirmation if Indian cricket team have lodged a complaint against the matter. However, the step taken by Yorkshire County Cricket Club is certainly one in the right direction to ensure that no one attempts to repeat these actions once again. The official also assured that there will be stewards present around there to prevent these kind of further intrusions.


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