Footballer Man of the Match

Picture Credit: Twitter

Gone are days when sports were not considered a safe career option; today, games like football, basketball, cricket, and others provide a considerable sum of money to players who excel in a specific match. While several tournaments like India Premier League (IPL) are showering hefty sums of money on players who make a valuable contribution to the game, there are others not so lucrative leagues and tournaments.

We have also witnessed heartwarming stories where players who are too young can change the life of their families with the fortune they get from the tournament; a picture from a football tournament in Africa displays contrasting stories. A young footballer was presented with a loaf of bread and a bottle of Yogurt as a reward for Man of the Match after a domestic Uganda League game. The bread is marked with the inscription "Man of the match"(Player of the match) and the league's logo.

The picture shows the football player, whose name has not been revealed, posing with his award. In the photo after his appointment, the player can be seen with the odd prize in his hands while a smile appears as a sign of gratitude for being rewarded for his effort. While the picture immediately went viral and sparked mixed reactions from Twitter users as many found the incident amusing, while many seemed to be in a fun mood.

The picture shows the contrasting situation between European or American football with African football. The financial difference due to lack of sponsors or various levels of the tournament has again started the debate of players being underpaid during matches.