Picture Credit: Twitter

Rajasthan Royals spin-wizard Yuzvendra Chahal made stunning revelations on Thursday by revealing that he was hung from a balcony during the IPL 2013 when he was part of the Mumbai Indians (MI) camp. Chahal's disclosure shocked many as it gave a glimpse of the darker side of the Indian Premier League, which is regarded as one of the most decorative and celebrated T20 domestic tournaments in the world.

In a video shared by the RR Twitter account, Chahal, in conversation with R Ashwin and Karun Nayar, revealed that a drunk MI player hung him from the balcony at a get together after a match in Bengaluru before other people who were present around intervened and settled the situation. Chahal also informed me that he almost fainted due to the gravity of the case, and it still haunts me at times.

The stunning revelation spread like wildfire and the cricket fraternity quickly expressed their shock over the incident. Several demands to reveal the name of the drunk player started pouring in. Former Indian cricketer Virendra Sehwag is one of the first highly reputed cricketers who has reacted to the shocking story. He was one of the high profile representatives of the cricket fraternity has urged the matter should not be taken as fun and for the name of the player responsible for being revealed. He also wants clarification on what action the franchise took in the aftermath of the decision. Check out a few more tweets from cricket fans who are demanding strict action should be taken and the name of the cricketer must be revealed.

However, this is not the first of such incidents which happened with Chahal but earlier he revealed how Andrew Symonds and James Franklin had taped his mouth and forgotten about him during his association with the Mumbai Indians franchise in 2011. He further added that he had to stay taped the whole night and it was only the next morning when someone came to clean the room that they had noticed him.