Kamran Akmal wrongly spells 'Independence Day'; gets heavily trolled on internet

While sharing a poster rejoicing the day, Kamran failed to notice the mistake in text of his shared poster.

Aditya KumarAuthor

Updated - 14 August 2021 11:26 AM

Kamran Akmal wrongly spells &#039

The Pakistani cricketers are more often than not get trolled on social media for various reasons. Be it the retired players like Shoaib Akhtar or the current crop of players, the fans and critics always find an excuse to take them on. The reason of trolling might differ every time but they are the Pakistani players always who have found themselves at the receiving end.

A similar incident came into the light in the wee hours of Saturday and this time it was out-of-favour Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal. Though the player has been on the sidelines as he is out of the national team since 2017, his recent blunder on social media has made him the topic of discussion among the critics. On the occasion of Pakistan's 75th Independence Day on August 14, Kamran took to social media to celebrate the moment. However, barely did he know that things will fall into the contrary that too due to his own mistake.

While sharing a poster rejoicing the day, Kamran failed to notice that the text in his post carried the words: "Happy Indepence Day 14th August (sic)." The spelling of independence in the post was wrong and to make things worse, the player took all the three big platforms of social media- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share his post. What followed will definitely be a forgettable experience for Kamran, as the netizens took the responsibility to teach him English.

Here are some of the best reactions:

On Twitter:

"Respect for you brother, you the only person taking revenge from British for what they did to our country by doing same to their language," said a user, while another joked: "Stop makeing fan off is inglish , wat if a parson dus not knoe inglish."

Have a look at how Instagram users reacted to his post:

"Wahh bete wahh tum to bade heavy English teacher nikle??," wrote a netizen. "NOT KNOWING ENGLISH ISN'T A BAD THING BUT WTF IS THIS???," wrote another.


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