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Karim Benzema arrested by police; set on trial over sex-tape blackmail case: Reports

Since the beginning of the case, Karim Benzema has firmly denied his involvements in blackmailing Mathieu Valbuena.

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Updated - 22 October 2021 12:04 am

The latest news from the world of football surrounds French and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema who has reportedly been arrested by the police over the infamous 2015 sex-tape scandal. The particular case took place in November, 2015 because of which the 33-year-old striker was suspended from the national side. Benzema along with Frank Ribery was allegedly involved in a blackmail plot relating to an extortion scam over a sex tape of mid-fielder Mathieu Valbuena.

During the initial round of accusations, Benzema was revealed to blackmail the victim, Mathieu Valbuena to transfer tens of thousands of euros to his childhood friend Karim Zenati. If not co-operated, Valbuena was threatened to have the sex tape getting released all over the internet. The trail of this scandal started on October 20 and will continue till October 22 for which Karim Benzema has been arrested by the police.

Karim Benzema on trial for 2015 sex tape scandal

Since the beginning of the case, Karim Benzema has firmly denied his involvements in blackmailing the concerned player, yet he has been charged with intervening on behalf of the main accused. He is one of the four men who are accused of blackmailing Mathieu Valbuena. The trail started when Benzema was representing Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage game against Shakhtar Donetsk in Kyiv.

To those who are not aware, Karim Benzema is accused of speaking to the victim in a bid of convincing him to agree to the blackmail attempt. Meanwhile the former claims that he only tried to get Valbuena serious upon the importance of the tape.

Having said that, the BBC report stated that Karim Benzema claimed he had merely tried to help his then national teammate to get rid of the compromising video anyhow. To those who are found guilty for this hiatus and shallow crime, the maximum sentence for complicity in attempted blackmail is five years in jail and a €75,000 fine.

This incident sent shock waves all around the French footballing circuit, the national team’s management were sent warning for the culprits. As the consequences were high to pay, both Benzema and Valbuena were ruled out of the French national side, only until Euro 2020 when the Los Blancos striker was called up to play alongside Kylian Mbappe.


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