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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is arguably the biggest T20 League in the world. It was big till its 14th edition and got massive in its 15th with the addition of two new teams. It is nothing less than a festival in India. And in this two-month festival, cricketers from across the globe want to take part, be it in any form. Some players are selected to represent different franchises while some join as support staff members.

Kevin Pietersen is one such cricketer who has been a part of almost every edition of IPL in one way or the other. As the English cricketer has retired, he can't play for a franchise, but he has found a way to be a part of the IPL setup. Pietersen is coming to India to join the commentary panel of IPL 2022. The former cricketer announced the news on Twitter.

Pietersen wrote a special message on Twitter and that too in Hindi. "आईपीएल पर कमेंट्री करने के लिए भारत लौटने को लेकर बेहद उत्साहित हूं। दुनिया में सबसे अच्छे आतिथ्य का अनुभव करना कुछ ऐसा है जिसे मैं कभी भी हल्के में नहीं लूंगा! कुछ घंटों में मिलते हैं, भारत! (Very excited to be back in India to do commentary on IPL. Experiencing the best hospitality in the world is something I will never take lightly! See you in a few hours, India!)," wrote Pietersen.

Pietersen played for five seasons in IPL

Talking about Kevin Pietersen's IPL stint, the English cricketer played for five seasons in the Indian Premier League. He first played an IPL match in 2009 for Royal Challengers Bangalore against Rajasthan. Other than representing RCB, Pietersen also played for Delhi Capitals (then Delhi Daredevils) and Rising Pune Super Giants. His last game in IPL was in 2016 when he played for RPSG against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Pietersen played 36 IPL games where he amassed 1001 runs and took seven wickets.