Krafton bans around two lakh BGMI accounts from September 27 to October 2 for usage of illegal programs

Earlier, the developers had announced that around 195,423 accounts were banned from August 20th to August 26th.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 07 September 2021 05:31 PM


Almost every popular game has to face some serious problems with respect to hackers and cheaters ruining the experience for players. One such issue is being faced by Battlegrounds Mobile India recently, having become one of the most popular games since its release. The game has already got more than 50 million downloads in a very short span of time and the interference of hackers was bound to happen at some point or the other.

However, the developers of the game - Krafton - are not keeping silent and have taken some vigorous steps to deal with the problem. The game's own anti-cheat system has been put into place which actually reveals and punishes cheaters. As a result, a staggering number of BGMI accounts have been banned in recent times which have been revealed through reports released on a weekly basis.

Krafton bans 198,194 BGMI accounts this week

Earlier, the developers had announced that around 195,423 accounts were banned from August 20th to August 26th. While the number was already mind-boggling, it has gone slightly up this week with as many as 198,194 accounts getting permanently banned this week for engaging in cheating and the usage of illegal software. Overall, more than one million accounts have been banned for cheating.

How can players report illegal activities?

Krafton have revealed that they have been using a 24-hour security system to act promptly in case they detect any kind of illegal activities. However, they have also advised the players to be aware and report any video or channel on YouTube which is promoting or advertising any illegal programs. To report, players can follow the following steps:

1. Click on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby.

2. Click on Settings followed by Basic.

3. Click on Customer Service at the bottom right corner.

4. Attach the link of the video/channel, and click on submit.

"With more efforts and actions including the ones mentioned above, we will continue to implement strong measures against illegal programs so as to provide you with a pleasant gaming environment. Furthermore, we will try our best to come up with better ways in order to eradicate the use of illegal programs in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA," said Krafton in the report.


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