Let’s just fight Conor McGregor: Jake Paul advised to fight The Notorious before it gets "worse"

In a pretty huge statement, Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said the one or two fights are all that is left in Jake Paul's career.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 03 September 2021 06:41 PM

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is on top of the world with his recent win over Tyron Woodley. The result implies that the Youtuber turned pro clinched his fourth professional win. With this victory, Paul still remains undefeated in his budding boxing career. While several sports experts and pundits, those who believe in retaining the purity of the sport, believe that a Youtuber should not be allowed in the boxing ring, others suggest that such things are good for the growth of the sport.

In fact, Eddie Hearn, who happens to be the promoter for Matchroom Boxing, also thinks that Jake and his brother Logan have done a good job of finding a boxing audience in the US. Hearn said that, unlike the UK, it becomes difficult to find and make a fight in US. He believes that the Paul brothers have definitely done more good than harm to the sport, especially in the United States.

Hearn is convinced that the ‘Novelty’ of Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul will quickly wear off and leave a strong word of advice for the younger of the Paul brothers.

It’s getting a bit boring: Eddie Hearn

"For me, if I’m Jake Paul now, I’m going, let’s be honest, it’s getting a bit boring. And it’s gonna get harder to make this kind of money. Let’s just fight Conor McGregor or someone like that," he said as quoted in Essentially Sports.

"Let’s go to the bank and let’s make it a one seventy-something if he can get down there and just let’s, almost end this now. Like, I haven’t watched the whole fight, I’ve watched some of it and it was pretty bad. It’s gonna get worse and worse, so I think, just cash in," he added.

In a pretty huge statement, Hearn said the one or two fights are all that is left in Jake Paul's career.

If the two were to indeed have a rematch, there would not be any problems whatsoever with its marketing. This is because the two of them are already known stars in their respective fields. While Conor McGregor enjoys a massive following in the UFC circuit, Paul has some 20 million YouTube followers.


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