Lewis Hamilton reveals retirement decision independent of 8th title

Harshil PanditAuthor

Updated - 03 March 2021 06:37 PM


F1 racer Lewis Hamilton believes that his retirement does not depend on result of World Drivers' Championship title. Currently ranked at top with joint seven-titles, Hamilton was in news with fans speculating a retirement. However, the British driver believes otherwise, and is eager to see what near future with Mercedes holds for him. Also, while Hamilton does have seven titles, joint-top with legend Michael Schumacher, it is the love that matters for him rather than the accolades. Fans had speculated his retirement after the racer revealed that he will no longer need to extend the contracts. So, will the affair between Mercedes and Hamilton come to an end while at top of the world? Or will we see the racer in another role?

Hamilton's retirement plans

Unlike many athletes who retire after touching the pinnacle of their careers, Hamilton believes in serving till the passion ignites. The British driver said that he is in no hurry to leave the track and awards will not influence his decisions. So, what role will the accolades play, and what will influence Hamilton to take further steps? Here are a few words from man himself -

“I have decided I don’t want that to be the deciding factor. I got into racing because I loved it, and that’s got to always be at the core of what you do. If all you’re going for is accolades, I feel I could potentially lose my way. Of course, it is the ultimate dream, but I don’t think it will be the deciding factor whether I stay or keep going; it is more whether I still have a smile when I leave the garage."

Hamilton further added how he enjoys racing and that pandemic has taught him to embrace enjoyment as long as possible. So, how long will the British star stay on tracks? That is something that only time will tell, but till then, Mercedes fans can look forward to their star vrooming past his opponents.



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