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Prior to the weekend's Miami Grand Prix, F1 race director, Niels Wittich, had already informed the teams that underwear and the wearing of jewellery would henceforth be included as part of the scrutineering declaration form ahead of the race. However, the same seems to have not gone down too well with Lewis Hamilton who turned up at the press conference prior to the race wearing 3 watches, 8 rings, 4 necklaces and 2 earrings.

While Hamilton does not favour the decision, the FIA has taken such a call owing to safety requirements.

"Metallic objects, such as jewellery, in contact with the skin, can reduce heat transmission protection and thus may increase the risk of burn injuries in the event of a fire," Wittich’s note had said as per motorsport.

"The wearing of jewellery during the competition can hinder both medical interventions as well as subsequent diagnosis and treatment should it be required following an accident," it added.

Explaining the need for a regulation on clothing underneath the suit, it was conveyed that it has been introduced to ensure that proper pre-approved flame-resistant clothing is there so that the racer is protected if exposed to fire upon a mishap during the competition.

However, Hamilton had other ideas.

“I feel like it’s almost like a step backwards if you think of the steps we’ve taken as the sport and the more important issues and causes that we need to be focused on," he said at this conference.

"I think we’ve made such great strides as a sport… we’re here in Miami… this is such a small thing, I’ve been in the sport for 16 years and I’ve been wearing jewellery for 16 years," he outlined.

The Mercedes driver said that he has raised his objection with president Mohammed Ben Sulayem as he does not want to get into any kind of spat with FIA over the matter.