Lionel Messi staying in 17.5 lakhs per night room in Paris hotel: Reports

Messi with Antonela and their three children are staying at the Le Royal Monceau five-star hotel.

Saurabh Ganguly Author

Updated - 14 August 2021 11:47 am

After a heart-breaking exit from Barcelona, Lionel Messi has moved on and is enjoying his initial few days at the French capital. Not only did he receive a grand welcome by the fans and officials at the Paris Saint-German but the club is also giving him a taste of its grand hospitality and leaving no stone unturned to make it a great experience for the Argentine superstar.

It is being reported that the new PSG forward, is in fact, staying in an INR 17.5 lakhs per night hotel room in Paris. Messi with Antonela and their three children are staying at the Le Royal Monceau five-star hotel. The hotel, it is claimed, is the same where Neymar had put up before finding a permanent residence in the city. The hotel not only has a pool but also has a cinema hall and numerous restaurants to serve the best French cuisine.

The picture of Messi's arrival at the hotel has been shared by the luxurious hotel’s official Instagram handle which has over 1 lakh followers. It had previously posted a picture of Messi in Barcelona jersey along with PSG’s other summer signings. "What an honour to welcome such a talented player to PSG!" the post was captioned.

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The five-star hotel is situated at the heart of Paris on Avenue Hoche near France’s art district. It is well-known for its dining and restaurant with its steak being its speciality, costing 67 pounds.

The hotel was opened in 1928 with a stunning view of Paris and some of its rooms were renovated 11 years ago. Celebrities like Walt Disney, Winston Churchill and Robert De Niro have reportedly stayed in this hotel.

Meanwhile, Messi is set to have one the highest wage bills in world football with PSG spending around 252 million each year on his salaries. Leo is known for his luxurious lifestyle and had previously spent some 5 million pounds to buy an apartment in Miami. All eyes will now be on Messi and when he can make his debut for the Ligue 1 giants.