Transfer Saga Live Updates: Impatient and happy about this new life, says PSG's new recruit superstar Lionel Messi

Welcome to SportsTiger's live blog where we will be covering all the details around Messi's sensational move to PSG.

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Updated - 11 August 2021 07:39 PM

Messi to PSG live blog

Yes, it is happening! Messi to PSG is not a rumour anymore as the deal is almost done and dusted. The footballer has accepted the proposal and the contract is expected to be signed within 24 hours. Here are the reported details about Messi's contract at PSG:

- It will be a 2-year contract with an option to extend until 2024.

- Salary will be €25m net per season + add-ons.

- Potential total salary could be around €35m per season."

With so much more expected to unfold in the next few hours, welcome to SportsTiger's live blog where we will be covering all the details around the biggest Transfer Saga in the history of club football.

07:30 PM IST: What an eventful few hours these were from Paris. Messi can rightfully be termed a former Barcelona star as he looks forward to winning more trophies with his new club PSG. Not to forget he is their new number 30.

That's it from this space, we look forward to bringing you more! Stay tuned to SportsTiger.

03:45 PM IST: Messi made the move to PSG after being convinced that his family will be in Paris. He has had a great few hours ever since he landed in Paris on Tuesday and looks forward

03:33 PM: Messi has come out to as passionate a fan base as one could imagine. They are loud and have started the festivities at first sight of their hero. He is waving to his fans. A day they will probably remember for their lives.

03:27 PM: Messi posing with the PSG President Khelaifi for some pictures that are set to go viral in the coming hours.

03:20 PM: Here is how it is looking from outside the venue.

03:05 PM IST: "Impatient and happy about this new life," says the Argentine!

03:03 PM IST: Not sure when I’ll play my first minutes in Ligue 1, says Messi.  He said that he has been on a holiday and might need a pre-season before he is up and ready.

Messi is likely to miss the Strasbourg match then this Saturday.

2:50 PM IST: Messi says he is very happy in Paris, although his exit from Barcelona was very hard as it came after so many years.

02:38 PM IST: Leo is here and commences the press conference.

02:05 PM IST: This is some spectacle in Paris. It's jam-packed outside and it's going to be crazy once Messi arrives.

01:56 PM IST: Fans lining up outside the Parc Des Princes for Lionel Messi's press conference. Have a look at these visuals!

01:54 PM IST: Mauricio Pochettino will be hoping to select Messi for his debut in the colours of PSG as early as this Saturday. Of course, we will have more clarity as things unfold.

12:35 PM IST: As noted earlier, Messi will wear the number 30 at Paris Saint-German. It is the same number that he had worn when he began his professional career at Barcelona.

12:29 PM IST: Good afternoon! It's happening for real and we are awaiting more updates at the press conference scheduled in some 2 hours time from now.

The press conference is scheduled to begin at IST 2:30 PM onwards on August 11, Wednesday. Join us in the morning once again for all the latest updates around the same. BIG DAY AHEAD!

3:30 AM IST: Messi is excited about new chapter in PSG

Leo Messi: “I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career in Paris. The club and his vision are a perfect match for my ambitions. I'm determined to build something great for the club and the fans. I can't wait to step onto the pitch at the Parc des Princes”

3:25 AM IST: Exclusive footage of a historic day

3:20 AM IST: Messi with CEO of PSG


PSG have released an official video to welcome their new #30 - Lionel Messi. This is not a dream. This has happened. It is for real. What a cracking day it has been!

12:15 AM IST: Messi to be unveiled as PSG player on Aug 11

PSG have released another teaser for the official press conference and unveiling of Lionel Messi.

12:10 AM IST: Messi has reached hotel

Lionel Messi has reached Hotel Le Royal Monceau with his family. The 34-year-old greeted the fans from the balcony of his room.

11:40 PM IST: Messi's jersey to be launched soon

PSG have posted another teaser on their social media account, showing the jersey printing machine. Once Messi is officially unveiled as PSG player, it is expected that the shirts might be available in the store soon after that. Will Messi's jerseys sale produce record-breaking numbers? There is no doubt about that looking at the craze of the Argentine in Paris on Tuesday.

11:20 PM IST: Messi to have a photo session

The 34-year-old is expected to have a photo session at the stadium before he will head to the hotel, where he will sign the contract.


Lionel Messi has arrived at Parc des Princes stadium and is welcomed by fans with 'Messi Messi' chants. Absolute scenes outside the stadium!

10:40 PM IST: It's all about Messi in Paris right now

MESSI G.O.A.T cheese flavoured Lays - Limited edition! Madness in Paris has begun in full flow.

10:35 PM IST: Press conference will be streamed live on PSG website

"A press conference will take place in the auditorium of the Parc des Princes this Wednesday August 11 at 11 AM (2:30 PM IST). To follow live on PSG.TV from 10 AM (1:30 PM IST), " stated the club on Twitter. 

10:25 PM IST: #10, #30, #7 - Deadly Trio!

10:20 PM IST: Messi has successfully completed his medical

10:05 PM IST: Pepe Costa has travelled with Messi

Pepe Costa, whose contract also expired at FC Barcelona along with Messi, has travelled with the footballer to Paris. Costa was the head of the player service office and Messi's squire at Barca. It looks like that the relationship will continue at PSG.

10:00 PM IST: Messi's temporary home in Paris revealed

The Argentine is expected to stay at the Hotel Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris for first few days. There are fans already gathered outside the hotel where Messi is expected to arrive after official announcement.

9:50 PM IST: PSG fans gather outside Parc des Princes

Thousands of PSG fans are currently outside the Parc des Princes stadium where they are waiting to welcome Lionel Messi. The 34-year-old will arrive at the stadium shortly after completing his medical tests. Notably, the Argentine will put pen to paper on reaching the stadium and the deal will be officially done in few minutes from now.

9:45 PM IST: Another teaser by PSG

6 Ballon d'Or awards alongside the iconic Eiffel Tower. Is it an indication that Messi will be unveiled at the iconic tower? Looks like it!

9:35 PM IST: Tight security outside the American hospital

Messi is still inside the American Hospital in Paris and there is tight security outside the hospital. The 34-year-old will sign the contract after passing the medical test. Everything is going as per schedule.

9:30 PM: Messi to wear jersey number 30 at PSG

According to latest media reports, the Argentine star will wear jersey number 30, leaving his number 10 aside at PSG. As mentioned earlier on our blog, Messi has reportedly declined Neymar's offer of #10 jersey. This is the reason why the 34-year-old is deciding to don jersey number 30, which is also the same number he started his Barca career with. Notably, #30 jersey at PSG is currently occupied by goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier.

9:05 PM IST: Here is what Emiliano Martínez has to say on Messi's new innings!

8:45 PM IST: Messi undergoing medicals

Lionel Messi is reportedly at the American Hospital in Neuilly for his medical tests. There is tight security outside the hospital.

8:26 PM IST: Messi to re-unite with Neymar; Mbappe expected to stay

Amid all the speculations that Mbappe could leave PSG after Messi's arrival, it seems like the dream trio is set to become a reality, as suggested by the teaser video released by PSG.

8:12 PM IST: Official press conference on Wednesday

Lionel Messi's official press conference is expected to take place at IST 2:30 PM on Wednesday at Parc des Princes stadium.

8:06 PM IST: Messi has left for medical tests

7:48 PM IST: Moment that fans had been waiting for

7:28 PM IST: PSG releases teaser for Messi's arrival

7:25 PM IST: Messi waves to his fans

On his arrival, Lionel Messi appeared for the first time in Paris as he waved from a window at the Paris airport. Crazy scenes!

7:18 PM IST: Absolute scenes at Paris airport

Fans are bursting crackers outside the stadium and there is a tinge of blue in the air. Messi expected to come out of the stadium anytime now.

7:05 PM IST: Messi has landed in Paris

The 34-year-old has landed in Paris and will be out of the airport in a few minutes. He is set to receive a grand welcome with so many fans gathered outside the airport from such a long time.

6:55 PM IST: Back Together - Neymar's Insta Story

6:45 PM IST: Messi expected to arrive in 10-15 minutes

It is being stated that the Argentine superstar could finally be arriving to Paris in 10-15 minutes from now. The reported time of Messi's arrival to Paris has been revealed as 3:23 PM Local Time i.e. 6:53 PM IST.

6:40 PM IST: Fans might have to wait for Messi's PSG debut

As per reports, Lionel Messi's likely PSG debut is expected to take place on matchday 5 of Ligue 1 against Clermont on 12 September 2021 at Parc des Princes. While fans would hope that he could play earlier than that, it looks unlikely as the forward will need some time to train before getting back on the field.

6:30 PM IST: Messi arriving anytime soon

It's time already and Messi could be landing anytime soon. Fans are going absolutely berserk outside the stadium as they chant 'Messi Messi'.

6:25 PM IST: Paris is in a festive mood

With Messi set to arrive in Messi in few minutes, the entire city is in a festive mood with thousands of fans getting set to welcome one of the greatest players of all time to their club. Absolutely crazy scenes in the capital of France!

6:20 PM IST: Messi received standing ovation during his farewell speech

"I've given everything for this club & this shirt from the first day to the last. The truth is I am leaving. I'm so grateful for the care people have shown me. I never imagined saying goodbye," Messi said during a heartwarming press conference on Sunday.

The 34-year-old received a standing ovation from the attendees, which included Barcelona's president, teammates and his family members. Watch Here.

6:15 PM IST: Barcelona remove Messi's posters from Camp Now

While Messi nears his move to PSG, Barcelona have always moved on and have removed his posters from their home stadium - Camp Nou. Check out the pictures.

6:05 PM IST: Scenes at Paris airport

PSG fans are eagerly waiting for Messi at the Paris airport, with the star football expected to arrive in a few minutes from now.

6:00 PM IST: Messi could wear #30 or #19 jersey at PSG

It has been reported that Lionel Messi has declined Neymar's offer of #10 jersey at PSG. Messi could switch back to #30 jersey at his new club, a number which he wore during his start of Barca career. There is also a possibility that Messi could take #19 jersey, another number which he donned during his Barcelona career.

Notably, #30 at PSG currently belongs to goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier while #19 is occupied by right-winger Pablo Sarabia. Numbers currently vacant at the club are: 13, 25, 26, 28, 33 and 39.

However, considering the bond that Neymar and Messi shares with each other, it won't be surprising to see Neymar convincing Messi to take over the iconic #10 jersey. Let's wait and watch!

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5:50 PM IST: Messi to have his medicals on Tuesday

Lionel Messi will have his medical tests after reaching Paris, following which the signing will be confirmed. The official press-conference is scheduled to take place on Wednesday and the unveiling will take place when the final plan of action is in place. (Source: Fabrizio Romano)

As per reports, the preparations for Messi's unveiling as PSG player are underway in full swing. Notably, the rumoured mega unveiling at the iconic Eiffel Tower is still a possibility.

5:45 PM IST: Messi is traveling on his private jet

The 34-year-old is traveling on his private jet, along with his kids and wife Antonela Roccuzzo. The photo of the couple was also shared by Antonela on social media from their flight to Paris.

WATCH: Lionel Messi breaks down in tears as he bids adieu to Barcelona at final press conference

5:25 PM IST: Messi has left for Paris

Lionel Messi has left for Paris with his family and is expected to arrive at IST 6:30 PM. Fans have already assembled at the airport to give a grand welcome to 6-time Ballon d'Or winner who will be a PSG player soon.


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