Indian Football League - Goa vs Mumbai City

Business end of ISL 2020-21 season will start with semifinal leg-1 - FC Goa vs Mumbai City. Will the Gaurs get the lead, or the Islanders continue their dominance under Lobera.

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Updated - 06 March 2021 05:43 PM

Goa vs Mumbai City

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First leg of the first semifinal is all packed up as FC Goa and Mumbai City go down the tunnel after a four goal draw. Glory awaits in the second leg, and with even more excitement. Why you ask? Well, FC Goa will have all their suspended players back and with no away goal rule, they will have the upper lead entering the game.

FULL-TIME: Referee blows his whistle as it ends all level at Fatorda Stadium. Angulo, Gama, Boumous, and Fall on the scoresheet as it ends - FC Goa 2, Mumbai City 2.

[90+3'] ONE MORE YELLOW, although it's for FC Goa - Edu Bedia. FC Goa midfielder goes in book for dissent.

[90+2'] SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. Rebello OFF, Pandita ON.

[90+1'] ANOTHER YELLOW for Mumbai City FC - Mourtada Fall. Centre-half is fortunate to see only a yellow here as he jumps with studs high and commits a double-legged challenge.

[90'] Will Goa vs Mumbai City see a winner today? We 3 minutes remaining to find that out!

[90'] YELLOW CARD for Ahmed Jahouh. Mumbai City midfielder is cautioned following a rough tackle.

[85'] ANGULO DENIED! FC Goa striker thought he finally got his glory moment of the game, but in vain. The forward's shot bulges the net, but comes after he controlled it courtesy of rebound from hand.

[76'] SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. Romario OFF, Devendra ON.

[75'] Drinks break. We have already seen 2 goals from both the sides with a goal in each half. On both the occasions, it was Goa who got the lead, but Mumbai City got on level terms again. Does the game still has that difference making goal in it?

[72'] CORNER for FC Goa. However unpredictable one might have predicted any game to be, Goa vs Mumbai City right now is turning out to be crazy! While the Gaurs win the corner and come close to scoring, the Islanders clear it out quickly and rush out on counter, missing a chance themselves. End to end stuff right there!

[65'] YELLOW CARD for Glen Martins. FC Goa midfielder is first player for Gaurs to see yellow as he tries stopping a Mumbai City attack with rough play.

[60'] ANOTHER GOOAAL!! But this time Goa have FALLen! Mumbai City have equalized once again, and this time it is Mourtada Fall. The Senegalese displays his heading prowess again on a corner taken from Ahmed Jahouh. The ball is pinpoint accurate, and the centre-half easily beats his marker to match it with his head. Assist - Ahmed Jahouh, Goal - Mourtada Fall.

[58'] GOOAALL!! Saviour Gama. That was WORLD CLASS!! Following a few minutes of possession, FC Goa gradually build-up and carry the ball ahead of centre. From there on, there is a sudden burst of energy as Gama sprints in the Mumbai City half on pass from Adil Khan. He takes his time, dribbling through Islanders' midfield and defence before shooting it with strong left foot from outside the box. The venomous shot is too fast and precisely aimed for Amrinder to stop. Assist - Adil Khan. FC Goa 2, Mumbai City 1.

[57'] The Gaurs are attempting to control the tempo of the game by recycling the possession. Pace of the game has slowed down, but Mumbai City have definitely been the better side in the second half.

[50'] OH DEAR! Ogbeche misses golden chance. Mumbai City break out on counter with Le Fondre, and the forward rushes to box, pulling away defenders, which in turn, creates space for Ogbeche. The Nigerian has time and space as he receives a cut-back from the right flank, but to everyone's horror, he blasts it over the bar. Chance missed.

SECOND-HALF: FC Goa get us underway for the second-half. They are in Orange, playing from left to right.

Goa vs Mumbai City - Battle for Best of the West is still alive as second-half action will decide the outcome of the game. So, stay tuned as we will be back with the coverage of the second half shortly!

HALF-TIME: Referee brings the game to halt for half-time. Following the whistle, players march towards the tunnel as it remains all level at Fatorda Stadium. It is FC Goa 1, Mumbai City 1.

[45+1'] ANOTHER YELLOW CARD for Mumbai City - Mandar Rao Desai. Full-back is booked on the charges of a rough tackle to stop a counter-attack by FC Goa.

[45'] Who will go down the tunnel with lead at the break? We have 3 more minutes to find out!

[42'] YELLOW CARD for Adam Le Fondre. Mumbai City striker is the first player of the night to go in referee's books for a rough tackle.

[38'] BOOM BOOM BOUMOUS!!! Goal for Mumbai City FC. It is a blunder from FC Goa as Mumbai City quickly take a set-piece and it is Hugo Boumous who gets away with the ball. The Gaurs' backline is unorganized and they still try to stop the Mumbai midfielder, but loose balls from tackle falls back to the Frenchmen in the box. From there on, Boumous positions himself and unleashes a volley past Dheeraj. So, it is all level at Fatorda Stadium once again! FC Goa 1, Mumbai City 1.

[34'] SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. Fernandes OFF, Leander ON.

[34'] Seriton Fernandes is down holding his hamstring. Unfortunately for Goa, his night is over. Staff rush on ground with stretcher.

[30'] Drinks break. Time for some chilled water in a heated game. Both the sides are keeping one another on toes. While the Gaurs are ahead right now, the Islanders are doing level best to get that equalizer. However, it may not be all merry, as we can see activity on Goa bench. Is a substitution on the way?

[26'] WHAT A SAVE! Dheeraj Singh is FC Goa's hero this time out as parries away Ogbeche's shot. The move came through a beautifully sent through ball that found Ogbeche a little outside the box. Striker dashes forward and fires a strong shot with left foot, but Dheeraj is positioned at just the right spot to keep Goa's clean sheet intact.

[21'] GOOAALLL!! Igor Angulo. The Orange Army marches ahead. Igor Angulo buries the penalty calmly, sending the goalkeeper wrong way. It's his 14th of the season. Troubles for the Islanders here, as it is - FC Goa 1, Mumbai City 0.

[20'] PENALTY to FC Goa! The Gaurs have got their golden chance to get ahead! It is Ortiz who receives the ball with a clever run in the box. The Spaniard handles the ball well and is about to pass on turn, but is brought down by Mandar Rao Desai. Referee immediately points to the spot!

[15'] Goa vs Mumbai City or Jahouh vs Goa? The midfielder has been highly active in all the areas of the pitch - winning tackles, taking free-kicks, or sending through balls. The Moroccan once again heats up the game with precisely timed tackle on Glen Martins outside the box.

[10'] FC Goa vs Mumbai City has always been a crucial clash in ISL, and we can see the reason behind it. The ball is transitioning from one end to another at lightening pace. It is the Islanders this time who win a free-kick at centre of the pitch. Team lines up in box to receive that sweet lofted ball, but Jahouh blasts it away.

[5'] CORNER for FC Goa! The Gaurs win first set-piece of the game as Ortiz rushes on to left flank and sets up Gama who has cut inside the box. The full-back takes on the shot but Amrinder reacts excellently. Corner followed fails to find any Goa player in the box and is cleared out easily.

KICK-OFF: Mumbai City kick-off the crucial evening at Fatorda Stadium. They are in Blue, playing from left to right.

Both the teams walk out of tunnel in their traditional colours - FC Goa in Orange and Mumbai City in Blue. Time for national anthem!

LIVE telecast from Fatorda Stadium has started and what a surprise we have on our cards! Hernan Santana is not starting for Mumbai City FC. What does Lobera have on his mind? Notably, both the teams are also lining up in the same formation: 4-2-3-1.

The game is going to be a thrilling ride as both the teams favour attacking football. Of the 2 times these teams clashed, the first one was won by Mumbai City by 1-0, while the other ended in a 3-3 draw as Ishan Pandita ruined Lobera's happiness. So, who will turn out to be the ultimate winner and get ahead in semis today? Only full-time whistle will tell that, but fans should definitely not miss this match as we hope to expect a tactical and an end-to-end battle.

The football  may not be kind for all, but the time will certainly be kind to those who invest. Now is the opportunity to go and check out our Fantasy Tips for the game, and make changes in your team to maximize the winnings!


FC Goa Playing XI: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Seriton Fernandes, James Donachie, Adil Khan, Saviour Gama, Edu Bedia (C), Glan Martins, Jorge Ortiz, Princeton Rebello, Alexander Jesuraj, Igor Angulo.

Mumbai City Playing XI: Amrinder Singh (GK) (C), Mandar Rao Dessai, Mehtab Singh, Mourtada Fall, Vignesh Dakshinamurthy, Ahmed Jahouh, Raynier Fernandes, Bipin Singh, Hugo Boumous, Adam Le Fondre, Bartholomew Ogbeche.

Welcome! Welcome! It is finally the knockouts in the Indian Super League. Today's high voltage contest will see former league champions FC Goa go up against current league champions Mumbai City. So, tie your seat belts as we will bring you every update with our coverage of the game.


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