Indian Football League - NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan

ISL semifinal 2 leg 1 will see NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan on cards. So who will get the lead in the first leg? Tune in to SportsTiger to find out!

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Updated - 08 March 2021 04:49 PM

NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan

That's all for today's ISL coverage. Thank you for joining us at SportsTiger! Now your host Harshil Pandit will take a leave. Catch you again on Monday with first game of the second leg of semifinals - Mumbai City vs FC Goa. Till then, enjoy the weekend!

So, both the fixtures of semifinal 1 have ended in draw. All glory awaits in the second leg for one who scores more goals. On another note, Khalid Jamil has well and truly proved why he deserves to be at helm for the Highlanders. Now it is time for a day's break from Football as the next leg matches will start from Monday.

FULL-TIME: Referee blows his whistle as the late drama comes to an end. Khalid Jamil magic continues at GMC Stadium as NorthEast United are now unbeaten in 11 games. It is NorthEast United 1, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[90+3'] GOOOAAALLL!!! Sylla gets the equalizer for NorthEast United! The Highlanders have finally barged through the Mohun Bagan fortress as Idrissa Sylla heads the equalizer. The move started from the right flank as Luis Machado sprinted ahead with the ball before spotting Sylla's run in the box and sending in a delicious cross. The Guinean striker catches onto it and heads it in bottom right corner to spoil Mohun Bagan's night. Assist - Luis Machado. NorthEast United 1, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[90'] The Highlanders get a lifeline from the fourth official as 6 minutes have been added on to the regulation time.

[83'] ANOTHER YELLOW! it is Ashutosh Mehta this time. NorthEast United full-back is shown yellow for a rough tackle.

[82'] YELLOW CARD for Javi Hernandez. Mohun Bagan midfielder goes in books for bringing down NorthEast United midfielder Lalengmawia to win a duel.

[81'] SUBSTITUTION for ATK Mohun Bagan. Marcelinho OFF, Halder ON.

[76'] Drinks break. The first leg of the second semifinal - NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan is at second drinks break now. Will the Highlanders get their goal or will the Mariners cruise with lead for the second leg? Just some more time to find out.

[74'] ANOTHER SUBSTITUTION by NorthEast United. Suhair OFF, Britto ON.

[68'] As per the substitutions visible, NorthEast United have sacrificed their defensive player to get an attacking one on the field. This is a risky move and might result in backfire if things go bad. Or will the game turn on from here?

[66'] DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION for NorthEast United. Lambot and Nim OFF, Sylla and Mashoor ON.

[62'] ATK Mohun Bagan finally get the control of ball and slow down the game by recycling the possession. They are contempt with the lead and patiently waiting for the right opportunity before getting out of their half at all. Time ticks for the Highlanders as the pressure keeps increasing.

[56'] The Highlanders are attacking back to back here to get on level terms. The men in red manage to win a free-kick once again, however the opportunity is squandered as Gallego's cross fails to find Fox at the far post.

[50'] SWEEPER KEEPER!! Arindam keeps the lead intact. NorthEast United manage to break out on counter-attack on a long ball with Machado dashing towards the goal. However, Mohun Bagan keeper Arindam spots the danger in time and leaves his box to clear the ball. The Portuguese forward senses this and tries to take an early shot by extending his leg, but Arindam takes the risk and makes a jump. Fortunately, for the keeper the shot deflects off his leg and falls kindly to Mohun bagan defense line. On the other end, NorthEast United camp is furious and demanding a foul.

SECOND-HALF: NorthEast United kick-off the second-half at GMC Stadium. They are in Red, playing from left to right.

HALF-TIME: Referee blows his whistle for the break. ATK Mohun Bagan will enter the tunnel with a narrow 1-0 lead, thanks to David Williams' goal. So, at the break, it is - NorthEast United 0, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[45+2'] CROSSBAR TO THE RESCUE! NorthEast United win a free-kick at left flank following a foul on Luis Machado. As referee blows his whistle directing one final kick, Gallego whips in a scrumptious cross that meets Ashutosh Mehta's head. Full-back fires header with precision, however, it rattles the crossbar and rolls behind the net.

[45'] The Highlanders have 2 more minutes to get back on the high ground. Will they get the equalizer?

[41'] Following the lead, ATK Mohun Bagan immediately drop back and get in compact shape. Seems like they are satisfied with lead for now and will focus on just ending the half with narrow lead. However, NorthEast United are fully committed to getting back in the game, but are failing to breach the deadlock after entering the final third.

[34'] GOOAALL!! David Williams opens the scoring! ATK Mohun Bagan's continuous attacks finally get them the lead. Move started with a series of passes that find Roy Krishna. The Fiji striker drifts a little to right, and then takes a quick turn outside the box, sending a straight slow pass. His strike partner is right on time with the run as he pounces upon the loose pass, rounds of Dylan Fox before shooting through his legs to put the Mariners in driving seat. Assist - Roy Krishna. NorthEast United 0, ATK Mohun Bagan 1.

[31'] Drinks break. So far, NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan has been an equal game on the cards. While ATK Mohun Bagan are managing to attack more, none of the teams are able to create clear chances. Will anyone go into half-time with lead?

[26'] The Mariners are gradually increasing dominance in the game. For last few minutes, NorthEast United have been just defending and breaking Mohun Bagan moves. And although ATK Mohun Bagan are attacking more, they are not able to deliver that sweet final ball.

[20'] ATK Mohun Bagan defend deep and then rush forward with Manvir, who manages to send in a cross. However, no one is in the box or left flank to get on to cross, wasting the move.

[15'] Both teams are now resorting to long-ball tactics. While both the teams have quite a different style of goal scoring, the deep blocks are forcing for long balls on wings. Interesting stat - NorthEast United have scored their most goals in the first-half, in opposed to ATK Mohun Bagan, who have scored most goals in the second-half this season.

[10'] Last 5 minutes, in contrast to the first five clearly turned the match. Following the dominance by the Highlanders, it is ATK Mohun Bagan who get chances to rush forward. But, the men in red are active in defense and are able to keep the Mohun Bagan attack at bay.

[5'] NorthEast United have cleared their intent right from the beginning. They are making forward runs, creating pressure on Mohun Bagan's new defensive line. However, they are yet to find a shooting chance as the Mariners have cleared all threats without any problems.

KICK-OFF: ATK Mohun Bagan United kick-off the proceedings at GMC Stadium. They are in White, playing from left to right.

Welcome to the first leg of the second semifinals of Indian Super League - NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan. So, in a battle of wits to follow, who will win the game - Khalid Jamil's Highlanders or Antonio Habas' Mariners? Stay tuned to find out as we will begin with LIVE coverage shortly.


NorthEast United Playing XI: Subhasish Roy (GK), Gurjinder Kumar, Benjamin Lambot, Dylan Fox, Ashutosh Mehta, Nim Dorjee, Khassa Camara, Lalengmawia, Federico Gallego, Suhair Vadakkepeedika, Luis Machado.

ATK Mohun Bagan Playing XI: Arindam Bhattacharja (GK), Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal, Carl McHugh, Prabir Das, Javier Hernandez, Lenny Rodrigues, Manvir Singh, David Williams, Roy Krishna, Marcelo Pereira.


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