Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match ends without knockout

The fight lasted for eight rounds and ended without a winner.

Swati BhatiaAuthor

Updated - 07 June 2021 10:23 AM

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Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, who holds a 50-0 record in boxing, failed to knock over Youtube star Logan Paul in an exhibition match on Sunday (Monday morning in India). The 26-year-old Paul managed to last 8 rounds and surprisingly went all the way in Miami.

Notably, Mayweather vs. Paul was contested without the benefit of judges because it was an exhibition match. However, the knockouts were allowed, which also didn't happen.

Paul, who was over 15 kg heavier than Mayweather, took the advantage of his extra height and weight and kept the latter at bay.

Both boxers didn't attack much in the first couple of rounds but started to show their aggression in the third round. Paul surprised everyone, including the legendary boxer, when he landed an uppercut in the third round. Mayweather then responded with a left hook that Youtuber did well to withstand.

Mayweather landed some right hooks in the fourth round and pushed Paul but the YouTuber did substantially well to absorb some of Mayweather's attacks.

Mayweather spent the fifth round landing sharp and painful punches but Paul remained tough and did well to battle it out.

Logan looked exhausted in the final three rounds but managed to survive until the final bell.

'He was better than I thought he was,' admitted Mayweather afterwards. 'I had some fun though.'

A million-dollar fight!

Both fighters pocketed millions of dollars from the fight. The estimated amount is about 150 million dollars but the official purse figures have not been revealed. Official purse figures are usually made public by the sanctioning commission, but since this was an exhibition there are no official figures.


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